The autoplay on the machines is

Autoplay or automatic playback is an option of Sous Machines allowing to turn the rollers automatically.

Although we can see the advantage of this function right away, will see whether or not you have to use the Autoplay button if you want to win free towers Or if we play at progressive jackpot.

How does autoplay work?

Practically all the news machines offer this feature which is very often included in the central panel next to the “play” or “stakes” buttons.

Just press this button and the slots will turn automatically (Automatic reading) On each trick, allowing you to play with your hands free. Usually, the Sous Machine will offer you a number of automatic towers (50 or 100) and will play the number of towers chosen for you.

The Autoplay button on Gonzo’s Quest and the number of automatic towers to choose

Autoplay options on S -shaped machines also offers you to choose all options such as playing Free towers (or free spins) for you and choose the number of Payment lines On which you want to play.

There are other advanced options such as setting a loss (or gains) limit and what to do according to certain actions. We advise you to set a limit to your losses to avoid burning your bankroll without paying attention.

Is it recommended to use the Autoplay function?

There are many myths in casinos (The players are superstitious, which explains many of these myths) on the autoplay function and some say that it is the only way to get a bonus when others swear that you should never touch it.

If we are closely interested in the algorithm of the, it is easy to understand that using or not the automatic reading function on the slots will not affect the Machine payment probabilities or not. All probabilities are calculated according to the concept redistribution rate to players, using the autoplay function therefore does not transform RTP.

However, if you want to play with a martingale, as if inxample increase or turn your bets according to the gains and losses, you will not be able to play with the autoplay. In fact, it does not adapt and always offers an equal spin in the bet.

If you want to take advantage of the machine, the autoplay is not recommended because you will not have the pleasure of pressing the button and seeing all the animations. If on the other hand you have a wager that you want to get rid of, the autoplay function is perfect for this. It will allow you to play a very large number of spins in a very short time.

It is therefore the ally of the players who won a Welcome Bonus And who do not want to remain stuck in the face of their screens to find out if they have succeeded in wager enough to remove their earnings.

In conclusion, the autospin is not a function that will change the result of your game. This is an aid offered by the Sub -slop suppliers to make your life simpler!