Stacked bonuses or stacked Wilds

The stacked bonuses or Stacked Wilds in English are bonus Quite interesting that occupy the entire surface of a roll on an Sous Machine.

This mechanism is also available for casino offering bonus sans Wager Since it is a game bonus and not a promotional offer.

They take, according to the slots, the place of 2 up to 5 symbols and certain machines only display these Stacked Wilds on some rolls while others display on all the rolls.

You will also find them in the free towers or they can unlock multipliers.

How do they work?

Stacked Wilds or stacked symbols often appear as a single symbol but which covers everything (or part) of the roller.

An example of Stacked Wilds on a machine

Stacked Wilds or stacked symbols, however, remain Wild symbols and therefore replace another symbol on your rolls. They simply cover a larger surface and therefore make it possible to win more combinations.

You can according to the machines to combine these symbols stacked with a 2 way win Or even one mode avalanche.

It is therefore a super interesting feature and if you find this game mode in the instructions, recommends you trying this machine A Sous.