Can we stream casino on Twitch?

If you want to become Streamer casino sur Twitch, you have to follow the news of the platform for a few months and the discussion to find out if the Casino streamer is legal on Twitch. The players were more and more numerous to stream Crazy time and other mini-games such as Mines casino Which pushed an increasingly young audience.

A Streamer Casino on Twitch

Twitch finally made a decision and updated its terms and conditions and decided to ban sponsored links to casino and game platforms.

“In order to prevent damages and scams created by dubious gaming services that sponsor content on Twitch, we will prohibit the sharing of links and/or codes to sites that offer slot machines, casters or Dice games "" We will continue to monitor content related to games of money and update our approach if necessary. ”

Twitch - sets up a bond of links to online casino

A-Party of August 2021, it will therefore be prohibited to add the sponsored links to the casino in which the Streament players.

Casino streaming on Twitch has been at the center of the debates since the first streamers because several people think that Casino streaming can train an addiction And an addiction for a young audience, even if playing online is prohibited for minors.

Some people are therefore delighted with this news:

Casino streamers in the sauce?

- Dofla (@Doflafer) August 11, 2021

And the main American and American casino streamers expected this decision and are not really surprised by the decision.

BTW you don't worry about Casino streams, there will always be possibilities.

Casinos streams are always allowed, so it's essential

— teufeurs.eth (@TeufeurSoff) August 12, 2021

As the players specifies, Twitch does not prohibit the stream of the casino or Play free online machines online, but rather blocks the financing of players via the affiliated links that the latter offered. They no longer benefit from Welcome Bonus that they offered players coming from streams. This is also why we have recently seen a new fashion around the Crash casino games which allow streamers to offer Bitcoin platforms.

However, we suspect that players will find many ways to get sponsored by USA's online casino.

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