USA is one of the biggest casino players in the world! However, the regulations and laws on casino in USA is quite complex, take stock for you.

Is it legal to play casino in USA?

Yes, it is legal to play casino in USA but there are however some special situations. In-fact until 1985, casino games were prohibited, but the provinces were finally able to change this situation.

After a rather shy start, theCasino industry in USA now represents more than 14 billion euros in income per year.

The situation of online casinos is a little different. In rapid terms, it is prohibited to operate an online casino without a license, but this license is not issued by the provinces. The result is that players can only play on offshore casino.

Casino games regulation by USA Province

  • Québec: Quebec is the most liberal province concerning casino games and there are even state bets and an online casino belonging to the state.
  • Alberta: With 25 land casino, Alberta is a province where the game is rather widespread.
  • British Columbia: There are 15 terrestrial casino and an online betting platform.
  • Manitoba: Casino games and sports betting are supervised by the alcohol and game control authority. Sports betting is limited to spending per month and only authorized casino are available.
  • Ontaria: Another rather liberal province with more than 20 terrestrial casinos.
  • New Brunswick: Land casinos are authorized but there is only one of these establishments offering games.
  • New Scotland: Two casinos are offered by the government and an online Paris service.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Land casinos are not allowed. You can therefore only do sports bet online (250 dollars / year) and play on offshore casinos.
  • Saskatchewan: Land casinos are not allowed at Saskatchewan but if you live in this province, you can play in the casino of other provinces and play offshore casinos.
  • Prince Edward Island: Land casinos are authorized but there are not in the province of Prince Edward Island.
  • The Northwest Territories: Land casinos are not authorized in the Northwest Territories. For sports betting, the normal operator is Sport Select.
  • Yukon territories: It is not possible to operate a casino in the Yukon territories but an exceptional license allows you to open a temporary casino for 3 days. Sports betting is made with sports select.

Avoid illegal casino

We have just seen that depending on the provinces the ability to play on online or crash games is limited to offshore casino.

These provinces have not set up game limits and Casino accept players from $ 10 in deposits.

However, you must be careful with which casino you decide to play and to read Our online casino reviews To find out if casinos are sure or not.

Many licenses allow operators to offer their services to American players, but here are the most worthy of confidence: Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Kahnawake, Curaçao.

The online casino can also create dependence, so if you feel that you become a hitch, do not hesitate to talk about it with a professional.


Playing casino in USA is legal for people over 19. Although there are land casino the majority of players, however, prefer to play online. In this case, read our tests and only play in trusted casino.