Like any good casino or poker player, you had these magnificent tokens in your hands and you wondered how they are made. You observed the Value of casino tokens And you dedicate are posed Questions about these famous tokens But you never had this answer.

How are casino tokens made? There are two main methods to make casino tokens, the first and the ABS molding and the second is the plastic compression method.

datslots Go tell you more about manufacturing methods so that you are a pro!

how are the casino tokens faced

The difference between the casino tokens and the tokens you buy

That you are players of Casino in Direct Or that you like the poker, you have noticed that when you buy a box of casino tokens they are always lighter than those you are given to the casino.

The main difference comes in the production method of these tokens. Casino rather use an ABS (and plastic) molding while commercial tokens will rather be cut parts of plastic cut, or their lower weight.

Previously, the majority of casino tokens were molded in ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene - which is a thermoplastic with proven resistance qualities, which is good in the world of Online casino Or tokens are often abused by players.

a casino token casting channel by ABS

The safety and sustainability of casino tokens

With technological development, Casino tokens producers have moved more and more from ceramics that tended not to ensure well.

The ceramic and plastic tokens often presented, after some time of use, defects or small damage, which does not correspond to the standards of the casino.

Thanks to ABS and molding, quantities of ceramic are always part of the alloy but now the tokens are much more resistant. They can support 10,000 psi of pressure and resist several hundred degrees before melting.

In terms of tokens safety, we have seen that High values tokens contain RFID chips. There is also another safety standard which is to insert a resistant leaf in heat in the middle of the token in order to prove its authenticity.

The weight of a casino token

We often think that the weight of all the world's casino tokens is standard, but that is part of the Myths on the casino.

We often hear the exact weight of 11.5 grams but in reality casino chips vary from 8.5 grams to almost 11 grams. Each casino determines its own weight and there is no standard value.