If we talk to you about bananas in a casino, this is not the fruit! Whether in a Online casino or in one of the Nameux Casino de Las Vegas, the tokens are the vital elements of the game,

The maximum value of an in Las Vegas token in a game lounge is $ 1,000. These tokens are called bananas because of their yellow color.

A $ 1,000 token in a Las Vegas casino called bananas

Good that The usual value of casino tokens is from $ 1 to $ 100 There is the opposite of Casino a minimum deposit in USA Tokens whose values happily exceeds hundreds of euros.

There are casino tokens in high-roller rooms in the amount of $ 5,000, $ 25,000 and even $ 100,000. Ces Casino tokens are, however, reserved for very specific occasions and for VIPs that the casino knows well.

In the majority of Las Vegas casino you will therefore play with $ 1, $ 5, $ 10, 50 and $ 100.

If you play in Las Vegas also know that red tokens are worth $ 5, green tokens are worth $ 25 and black tokens are worth $ 100. After that you will have the purple tokens for $ 500 and finally the famous Casino banana tokens at $ 1,000.

The names of the tokens at $ 5,000 is “the flag” because they are blue and red (color of the American flag), the melon is the casino token at $ 25,000 and finally, the holy grail, the yellow-orange token- gray that is worth $ 100,000.