It’s not a secret for anyone, people like gambling. However, few players push the door of a casino (or the largest casino in the world), whether real or virtual. If we ask them the question of why, many still wrongly think that the slot machines are rigged. This is obviously totally false and we will prove it to you here.

The random calculation generator of slot machines

You should know that the owners of Online casinos, whether they have a virtual establishment in USA or real in Paris, have no access to machines. The latter are regularly controlled by state organizations.

You should also know that manufacturers and developers use a random number generator (RNG) for each game, which guarantees equity between all players. Thus, two players who put a room at the same time in the same machine will not get the same result.

Each series of figures will correspond to a symbol position, whether the machine is real or virtual. Even for the developer himself, it is impossible to know the continuation of figures, since the latter are completely random. The RNG does not vary depending on whether you play in a Casino a Dimple $ 10 Or you play in a VIP casino.

What about the redistribution rate?

After reading this first part, you want to admit that slot or slot machines les crash casino games are not faked, with regard to the random display of the symbols. But that does not guarantee you, however, that it is not the casino that will win every time

In addition, with the presence of live casino it becomes more difficult to cheat for casino because games such as monopoly casino or Crazy Times are turned in real time and allow players to chat with the casino.

It is for this reason that there is a second factor to take into account: the redistribution rate, also called return rate or RTP. You should know that in Europe, this famous RTP is generally around 95 % and can go up (even on some online casinos) up to 98 %.

Be careful however, not to confuse this return rate and the percentage of luck to win. Besides, this rate can easily pass the 100%mark, if several jackpots fall on a machine.

The volatility of a slot machine

As a player, you need to focus more on the volatility of a machine, rather than the redistribution rate of the casino. Again this is a percentage. If we refer to Bally figures (one of the largest manufacturers of slot machine), this rate varies between 3% and 8%. This means that the winning combination will arrive in 8% of cases. If you couple the two information, playing on a machine with a volatility of 3% and a 95% RTP will allow you to pocket larger earnings.