You can bring casino tokens to you

There are a multitude of codes to know in the world of Online casino in Quebec. And it is the same for the biggest casino in Las Vegas!

Between the Myths on the casino And the way of behaving in a casino is a whole world to learn.

Today datslots will be interested in casino tokens and answer all your questions!

Are casino tokens a legal currency?

Since we exchange money for casino tokens and that they represent a designated sum, we might think that casino tokens have a legal value (and this was the case in the past).

However, for casino tokens to be a legal currency it is necessary that the American state recognizes tokens as an official currency and that they are registered in law as a means of payment.

Consequently, no casino chips are not a legal currency in the sense that the state does not recognize them as an official currency.

In some cities like Las Vegas, however, by convenience, certain stores accepted casino tokens as a means of payment but a law of the state of the nevada now prohibits this practice.

Are there micropuits in casino tokens?

With the Value of casino tokens Casino must take as little risk as possible.

High value tokens have an RFID micropuce in order to identify that these casino tokens are valid.

The Casino chips appeared in 2005 au Las Vegas Wynn which allowed the counter to be able to activate the tokens before distributing them and thus being able to cut any value to the tokens if they ever decided to change them.

As this operation has a cost, we find these chips especially on the tokens has more than $ 1,000, so you will not have them in the Casino a deposit minimum $ 10 Because it is not interesting enough.

Can I give my casino tokens to someone?

We have seen that casino are not official means of payment recognized by the state. You can therefore exchange, give or collect casino tokens without permission from the casino.

Be careful however, casino are not required to accept the tokens from another establishment. even though Nameux Casino de Las Vegas Offered this service to help customers who had a few tokens from another casino, this practice is now less tolerated.

In order to protect themselves against fraud and false chips, the casino above all accept their tokens.

Can I leave the casino with my tokens?

The answer is clear. Yes you can leave the casino with your tokens and bring them home. However, the more you bring back tokens the more you risk not being able to play them one day.

If one day you come to the casino with a stack of tokens that you get out of your pocket, they could be a little suspicious and ask you to justify yourself on the origin of these tokens.

Although the tokens are the Casino payment method in USA It is better to exchange them on the spot to avoid any problem in the future.

In addition you take the risk of destroying or damaging your tokens and they will not be valid. The casino counts on these tokens that the players lose for increase their earnings.

You can bring casino tokens to you

Can casino tokens be counterfeit?

Yes - Casino tokens can be counterfeit and it has existed several times in history.

However with new technologies such as RFID chips, it becomes more and more complicated to make false casino chips has a big value. And playing chips of $ 5 is not the most obvious.

This is why hackers are more interested in online games such as Mines Casinozer or Yet 90k To try to beat the machine.

In addition, tokens have a certain point and a certain touch that the members of the security of the casino know very well. They will therefore be in the vast majority of cases likely to recognize a counterfeit token.