Do you feel like James Bond and have decided to spend the evening at the Casino? You start to play, you go from one slot to another and suddenly you no longer know what time it is.

You decide to look at the time on the wall of the game rooms and you realize that you cannot find clocks on the casino walls.
We will explain to you why casino do not have clocks or windows and myths around this issue.

Why is there no clock in the casino? There are no clocks in the casino so that you lose the concept of time! This is a technique used by casino to make you stay longer.

In fact, without clock or window, it is difficult to keep a notion of time and to know if you have played an hour or an entire evening.

When you play in the games or slot machines, there are few indications of the time or how long you have played. Establishments are well aware of this and this allows them to keep players longer.

Besides, Las Casino Las Vegas Do not have clocks in the slot machine rooms to make you play more. However, some American states such as Nevada now ask that casino has at least one clock to help players.

The saying that says Las Vegas never sleeps has never been so well named!