Cutch croupiers have their own codes and habits. Who has never heard the famous "Nothing is going well”Since then are childhood. They are not all obvious and in order not to commit an odd, we have made a guide of 10 tips for a first visit to the casino.

After seeing Why the rumps show their hands when they finished, we are interested today to know Why poker deales carry these famous green visors!

The green visiere carried by the croupiers - yes yes, this horror!

The answer is simple: The poker deales carry this green visor to protect their eyes from the spotlights arranged above the table. The light produced by the spotlights can really irritate the eyes and the role of the dealer is to control everything that is happening on the table, which requires paying attention to details.

However, modern casino has more and more LED lighting, which removes the illuminating side of old projectors. As a result, the green visors are increasingly disappearing from the tables and the croupiers are no longer obliged to wear a visor.

This dress style appeared in Les Casino de las Vegas In the 1920s and became iconic casino.

Besides, if you play at Casino in Direct, you will see that the croupiers have kept their traditional uniform.

So even if the green visors are no longer worn every day byR Croupers, they still remain a distinct element of the world of the casino!