The world of the casino is full of myths But also rather specific customs and behaviors. If you are foreign to this world and you are afraid of making a mistake we have created for you a Guide for a first visit to the casino.

Going to a game table, you have probably noticed that the dealer, when he finished his turn, shows his hands to the players. Why do the rumps show their hands?

The action of showing his hands is called "emptying your hands" - this action is used to show the cameras and players that the deales have hidden anything during their turn.

They also do this when you give them money, to reassure the player to the fact that the money was not taken by the dealer.

Besides in the world of real croupiers of Casino in Direct, the rump have kept this tradition and continue to show their hands, even if they do not directly handle money.

Some casino even ask their deales to type in their hands at the end of their tower, because if they had stolen a token, it would certainly fall from their sleeves.

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