Today, it is impossible for a casino (whether online or located in a city) to skip roulette, poker tournaments and also on slot machines. We propose to come back to the history of this device, especially to know why some people still call it today the bandit manchot.

The birth of the bandit penguin in America

The first machine with slot was born at the end of the 19th century on the west coast of the United States. It was presented to the public and the press, in 1895, in the city of San Francisco by its creator Charles August Fey. At the time, the machine was relatively simple. It was only made up of 3 rollers on which one could find 5 different symbols, to know :

  • A horseshoe
  • An ace of spades
  • An ace of heart
  • A tile ace
  • A bell

However, This allowed to have no less than 1000 different combinations And as much chance of losing your bet and enriching its owner. To play, it was enough to introduce the sum and shoot a handle placed on the side of the slot machine.

Charles August Fey baptized his machine Liberty Bell, because a bell began to ring when someone won a jackpot.

So why is the Sous Machine called the Manchot bandit? Very quickly, People gave her the nickname Bandit Manchot because she had only one arm and her redistribution rate was relatively low.

From the handwad on the slot machine to online

Unfortunately for our inventor, prohibition stops the development of the machine, since gambling is purely prohibited. Some of them are then transformed into a candy machine, without much success, it must be said.

It was not until the early 1960s that Charles August Fey's machine really experienced changes. The machine will then offer more sounds and will also be illuminated in a thousand lights, when the player has the chance to pocket the jackpot and that is where the game modes have developed with the start of progressive slot machines who made the success of the casino.

But this is not the only evolution. It is also the appearance of bonus games that are still very appreciated today. The slot machines then continued to offer ever more options, as the possibility of betting on several lines at the same time and thus maximizing your chances of winning.

Famous manufacturers of penguin bandits

The first slot machine is attributed to Charles August Fey. You should know that shortly after, Gustav Schulze has also launched his own slot machine. He thus develops the famous machine 4-11-44, which unlike the first slot machine, had 3 concentric casters.

Today, all these companies have completely disappeared. One of machine A Sousaders is now Bally Technology, whose company has its head office in the state of California, not far from San Francisco.

To conclude, be aware that today, slot machines represent no less than 80 % of casinos income, whether real or virtual establishments. Please note, according to Serge Chevalier, slot machines also represent the biggest risk of addiction and associated pathologies.