After a reading that I made on the book of Doctor Maria Konnikova , I felt the desire to dive more deeply for an article in the world of the casino and ask me Why do we play the casino?

In effet, seen from the outside, this hobby may seem strange, we settle for hours in front of a sub-sub which runs without stopping and we can spend crazy sums.

What are the mechanisms behind casino? Why do we play? How do casino make us hang?

The psychology of the game and the desire for play

In his work « The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win » Maria Konnikova decides to learn poker game to understand the mechanisms and cogs hiding behind the game and the world of Online casino.

One of the elements that emerges from this book is the fact that playing the casino, in reality, is to play with chance and how our mind thinks to master the latter via cognitive bias.

Create martingales, play favorite numbers, be superstitious In general, all of this is part of a great manipulation of our brain on chance: by performing a certain action, I will be able to "fold" the future and arrive at the desired result.

How do casino make us hang?

Casino establishments and online casino have understood psychology behind the game and everything is done in a casino to keep you in this mental game of distrust of chance.

By the fact thatThere is no clock, by the way behave in a certain way in a casino, everything is done to create a ritual around the moment of the game.

Casino, in addition to the atmosphere, will help the player feel important with particular attention to details such as the drinks offered or the food offered in abundance when you Play machines with.

By adding to this a cozy atmosphere with little light other than those of the slots and their gain bells, you are immersed in a somewhat unreal atmosphere in which it is difficult to know how long you have stayed and above all how much you spent .

Addiction to online game

Playing online has another psychological aspect which is that of immediacy. You can play or you are, when you are and you can even play Casino sur smartphone From your living room.

In addition, with the appearance of Casino accepting deposits of $ 10, it becomes easier and easier to play.

For some people who have difficulty controlling their impulse, this can be problematic. Besides, we have a whole guide to help you If you think you are the victim of an online casino addiction.

There are also many online aids that you can :

Continual game

Another reason that makes us play the casino is the principle of continual game. When you play a slot machine or even a live mess, we know that each action that has just ended is replaced by another.

There is always a new turn of slot machines coil, the real dealer will draw a new card, the wheel will turn again to Online roulette.

It is this notion of continuous play that sets up a mechanism of mind aimed at minimizing a loss because there is a possibility of gain behind. The famous: "I'm going to do it again in the next round".

If we lost all the time, our dopamine receiver would be quickly inactive and we would be less inclined to play. But like the Redistribution rate to players is calculated, you will often win small sums, which will relaunch your desire for play.

This element of novelty, of possibility is perhaps one of the strongest vectors which makes that We like to play casino.