Can we blur an slot machine with a mobile phone?

If you play at Online casino You've undoubtedly heard of stories of scrambling with a slot machine with mobile phones. investigates another Myths of casino Like knowing if the machines have pay better at night.

He says to himself in confidential circles that some people have developed software powerful enough to calculate the algorithm of the Sous Machines and Know when they pay.

It should be remembered that online slot machines or in terrestrial casinos are subject to algorithms and work with a redistribution rate. Modern machines have extremely complex algorithm, So, no, blurring an underwater machine with a mobile phone is not possible because of the complexity of algorithms. Fouring an slot machine is almost impossible.

Where does this legend of the machine of machines have come from

A few years ago appeared on the internet a video that shows a man in St-Petersburg play a machine a sous progressive And this man is able to predict the next combination that will come out. The video claims that this man has gained millions in the casino.

As in this video the man manipulates a mobile phone, people assumed that the phone had the function of blurring the machine with and thus forcing the machine to offer free towers Simply by rubbing the phone on the machine.

It is not possible to blur an underwater machine with your laptop

Hack the slot with the camera of his mobile phone

Since this video, all the wildest theories have come out. One of the most famous was that the person filmed the machine A while he was playing and then sending the video to an accomplice having a calculation computer and thus being able in real time to decrypt the algorithm of the A Machine A.

This hypothesis seems quite eccentric because the necessary calculation power, especially in real time, is immense. The random keys are the fruit of very complex engineering and therefore being able to break the code live is impossible.

In addition with the new generation of games like the crash game casino Who are based on even more complex algorithms, this task is not possible with current phones.

Can we film ourselves in a casino?

Following this question, one wonders so if the casino prohibit people from filming themselves while they play the slot machines.

No, it is not forbidden to film yourself in a casino, on the other hand you cannot film the other people and to certain game tables, the phone is limited not to disturb the players.

There is therefore no risk to film yourself during your wild games on Yet 90k And the casino will not be thinking that you want to blur his Sous Machines!