Is it better to stay on a single slot machine?

We have all heard of hot or cold machines and whether it is to stay on a single machine or not. Is it a Myth of casino or not?

And there are 2 schools here! Some swear by staying on a single machine to enjoy the RTP While others give themselves a defined number of laps and change machines.

As we have shown in this series the online underline machines or in terrestrial casinos are subject to algorithms And do not pay depending on the time of the day or night.

as It is not possible to fuck the machines A under because the casino do not have access to the random generator, it is also not possible to choose the time when the machine will pay.

If you have two machines that have the same payment rate, if you win you can stay on this machine otherwise you can change. The more the game lasts the more the machine has 15% more on you.

Hot or cold machines

As each roller round is subject to an independent algorithm, there are no winning or losing series.

There are no hot or cold machines and they are only causal links that the player creates because each roller tower is independent of the other.

You just have to take an interest in mathematics behind the algorithm to realize that staying on a machine or changing will not transform your game.

So stay or change, play you won't be Casino prohibitions nor will have an advantage