Do casinos know who you are?

A legend of the world of casino said the casino tracks hot and cold players to know who wins or lose too much. Is it true? leads the investigation for you.

The players are very superstitious and many legends and myths in the world of casino exist that it is time or play, Hot and cold machines or Machine jammers have.

Yes, the casino know who you are and track the games, but it is for marketing reasons and to be able to approach VIP players. In addition it would have no interest as fake machines with for example.

  • Players who put a lot: the casino may be interested in knowing who plays a lot in his establishment in order to convert them into a privileged member
  • Players who lose a lot: a player who loses a lot of money suddenly can be in situation of addiction to the game. Casinos are trying to spot these players to help them.
  • Proposing a personalized welcome: the casino wage an economic war and welcoming the customer with their favorite drink or a personalized service is one of the best ways to retain its customers.

So yes, casino thanks to their counters or on line can track down your bonus, your earnings and games, but there is no malicious intention behind this gesture.