Are the machines to pay better at night?

A legend of the world of casino Said that the machines have pay better in the evening, especially on weekends, to bring more players. Is it true? leads the investigation for you.

This is why players tend to play between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. because this tenacious legend says that the chances of winning are more important during the night, to bring more players in the evening.

It should be remembered that online slot machines or in terrestrial casinos are subject to algorithms and work with a redistribution rate. So, no, the time you play does not influence the gains in the casino.

It will not create either Hot or cold machines!

The gain rate of machines under the evening

Each machine A underwitches has its own algorithm and its redistribution rate attracted to it by the game provider such as Nettent, 4Theplayer or Yggdrasil.

This algorithm works according to a system of random keys and therefore cannot be influenced by the time that a player plays. The casino, as we have seen, cannot fake his machines with.

But then why is there the myth that evening pays more than the day? This myth probably comes from the fact that in the evening there are always more players (people have finished their work, have their evening, etc.) and that mathematically, the more players, the more gains there will be.

You will therefore have the impression that the casino pays more at night simply because more players are playing.

Casinos do not pay more in the evening because they are subject to algorithms

The big advantage of knowing that is that if you are looking for the big gain, you do not have to go and play when the casino is black in people. You will have the same chances at 8 a.m. as 8 am!

How to increase my chances of winning at night?

As we have just seen, the time or the day you play does not matter. This does not mean that you cannot Increase your chances of winning at the casino the night.

Play with the maximum bets

If for you what is important is to get the biggest gain in the slot machine, then do not hesitate to play the maximum bet. Even if your bankroll will leave in two hours, this is the only way to unlock with more statistics the biggest gain in the machine.

The maximum bets will more easily unlock the free towers of the slot machine and will allow you to get the highest jackpots.

Play on all payment lines

The more you have Payment lines The more likely you are to get the bonuses. By multiplying the possibilities of benefiting from FUNCTIONALITIES OF MACHINES A, you increase your jackpot chances.

This advice joins that above. However, you have to have a well hung heart because your payroll can decrease fairly quickly.

Enjoy the bonuses

To have new customers The best online casino offer many Welcome Bonus For new players.

Playing with the casino bonus allows you to try your luck at night while keeping your bankroll because some casinos do not hesitate to double your first deposit.

Consult our bonuses presentation pages to know the casino that offer the most advantageous bonuses!