Are the card mixers to the casino faked?

We often have the impression that luck is not with us and that each card that comes out is the card that should not be. It doesn't take more for a new Myth on casino are born and that one wonders if the Casino card mixers are not faked. datslots leads the investigation for you.

Casino card mixers cannot be stuffed because they are regulated by law

When we play at Casino in Direct Au USA We see the dealer taking the card of card shuffler And before answering the question, you have to be interested in the operation of this distributor.

These machines that mix and distribute the cards are programmed so that the mixture and draw is random. And that’s the law.

Casino card distributors cannot therefore be rigged because a law governs their operation.

It would also be from an excessively complex technical point of view to fuel a card distributor because players' actions have a consequence. In a part of Blackjack and Direct The machine should adapt to all the players' reactions, even the most unlikely, in order to cheat and choose the corresponding card.

More and more machines also now use an RFID system (comparable to the one found in Casino tokens) in order to be able to "read" the cards and be sure that no card has been inserted into the game by a player or by an indelicate dealer.

Although this RFID chip can see which cards are played on the table it would be necessary that the card shuffler react to what is on the table, mix the cards so as to bring the card out that can save the casino in real time .

Such a technically machine could exist but no Casino legislation organization would let it land on the market.

It is much easier to hack a machine with than trying to cheat with the cards mixer.