What is the link between the casino and your car? This is a study published in the newspaper science direct Who shows that driving almost a casino can increase your risk of accident by 23% especially if you are under 40 years of age and if you drive on weekends.

It is by making our opinions of Online casino in USA That we came across this fairly surprising investigation that we wanted to share with you.

This study which took place in Maryland compared the data of 101,860 drivers and made the link between the accidents identified on these drivers with the opening of a new casino.

Is this the charm of the croupiers of Casino in Direct Who deconcentrates the drivers but it appeared that drivers under 40 had a significant increase in accidents near the casino and that accidents were more numerous on weekends (39%increase).

Men (who are less good drivers according to this study) are over-represented in these accidents.

If you ever drive near a casino, be even more careful and do not leave your eyes!