Casino streamers have become real attractions lately thanks to their stream training and their crazy earnings. By developing a community, these streamers manage to live from their passion for the casino and the game. A dream for many and in this article, I will explain to you how to become a casino streamer too.

How to become a casino streamer?

Build a community

We often forget that the success of a stream or a Twitch channel involves creating a united community behind us. In fact, if you streame every night on your own, success will be far from being there and if you are unpleasant with viewers, the number of views will decrease quickly.

Streamers also often offer different games of slot machines and tend to stream more friendly games like Crazy Times who is the star of the moment or as Spaceman With its crash game mechanics that appeals to viewers.

Casino's best streamers always have a very close relationship with their community and share with them the moments of joy like moments of loss or hard moments.

Do not hesitate to explain more complex concepts to them like RTP or redistribution rate To engage them and discuss with them Sous machines algorithms etc.

By having a growing community, it will also be easier to negotiate with the casino because they will see that you represent a real audience.

Choose the right partner casino

That's it, you have a community, you have a regular audience, casino will then you. This is where you have to take your time to avoid the errors that a lot of streamers make.

If you choose a large casino group, it is very likely that they are already sponsoring big names in stream. It will then be difficult for you to compete with their audience and get good deals.

Concentrate rather on the middle range casino that seek to take in popularity, you will then be more comfortable to negotiate greater income.

You should also know that now, thethe affiliated links on stream Casino Twitch is prohibited. An option for streamers seen recently is to offer links on virtual currency platforms to play at crash games or to monopoly de casino Instead of traditional machines.

Check your game

It is easy to get carried away when we play alone, but it is even worse when we are trained by the group effect of stream. Checking your game and Bank Roll is one of the most important elements to become a professional casino streamer.

In fact, if you crumble your bankroll the first evening of the month, how are you going to hold the other 30 days? Do not get wrap, cut your stream early if you feel that you are on a series of Bad Beats.

And especially if you feel that you do not master your game or that you have Signs of addiction to machines, it's time to take a break!

Buy suitable equipment without breaking the bank

You will not need at the start of your career of the last 4K camera and the microphone that Rihana uses. The majority of modern phones have a more than sufficient camera and with a small pocket microphone, you have everything you need to start!