The best welcome bonuses at the Casino USA

Casinos are fierce to have new customers. It is therefore very likely that American online casino Or you register to play the Sous Machines offers you A Depot Bonus or Welcome Bonus.
We will help you choose the best bonuses in the jungle of online casino.

BONUS : 100% bonuses on your first deposit up to $ 500 and 50 free laps
12 games
5.0 rating
BONUS : +150% up to 200 $ or +100% up to 1000 $
11 games
4.5 rating
BONUS : 3000$ + 200 free spins
2 games
4.8 rating
BONUS : 1000$ + 20$ wage
4.8 rating
BONUS : 1000$ + 170 Free Spins wage
4.5 rating

The best welcome bonuses in an online casino

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Bonus Welcome Casino online

There are many bonus offers from the first depot, but all these offers are not forced. It is therefore important to find out in advance on the types of welcome bonuses that the casino offers you.

The bonus at the first deposit:

To encourage you to deposit and start playing, some online casino offers you what is called a "bonus at the deposit. The formula is simple: if you make a deposit of a certain amount, the casino offers you money in addition to your deposit. Often casino double the amount of your deposit.
You can then use this “free” money to play your favorite games and know the fever of the Sous Machines.

Be careful however, the bonuses in the first deposit are often restrained with a certain sum, so it is not possible, from time to time, to take advantage of it with the minimum dump casinos Because you must deposit a sum of up to 20 dollars generally.

Bonuses without deposit

In this case, The casino offers you a welcome bonus without deposit. It is a very aggressive offer to win many customers. However, read the conditions well because often, the bonuses obtained in this way need to wager (or conditions of American).

Free towers (or free spins)

To give you more playing time and thank you for your registration, The casino can also offer you free towers. These spins allow you to play with machine A sub -without spending your own money. We therefore present the best welcome bonuses in our opinions and criticism of Sous Machines.

How to get a welcome bonus?

To take advantage of your welcome bonus offered when registering for the casino, you have to see what the rules are required in order to get this bonus.

Here are the main points used to unlock a welcome bonus:

The amount of the depot

Some online casino, as we have seen, offers you money during your first deposit. However, this bonus cannot be triggered or is often obtained only of a certain amount.
For example, if a bonus requires a deposit of 25 euros, you must deposit at least 25 euros on your account to take advantage of the bonus.

The bonus at the top rate

Other casino does not offer you a fixed sum, but offers you a percentage of what you deposit. So you have to go around percentage offers to find the most interesting.

The most interesting offer for players remains the bonus sans Wager Because it allows you to withdraw your winnings without prerequisites for bet.

If the casino offers you 100% depot, if you deposit 10 euros, the casino will offer you 10 euros. Some casino do not hesitate to offer you more than 100% rates to convince you!

Mixed welcome offers

In our list of online casino offers and their welcome bonuses, there are also mixed offers. These offers combine the deposit bonuses as well as the percentage of bonuses.
For example, some online casinos offers you 100 euros + 50% of your deposit up to 500 euros. These offers are those to search for priority because they have the advantage of combining free money with a percentage. If in addition you get free tricks, you are golded!

The conditions of the welcome bonuses

Like any commercial offer, the dump bonuses often have conditions that must be looked at before registering.

Here are the main conditions we find on the sites we have tested:

  • Only 1 household offer
  • The offers are packaged with wager (or stake conditions)
  • 1 amount defined to deposit to unlock the offer