Payment means in an online casino

After helping you Find the best online casino in USA & Quebec It is finally time to play. For this, there is now a multitude of being able to deposit your money in virtual casino. Guides you in the means of payment of online casino in USA and helps you make your choice.

Bank cards - The most classic solution:

This is the great classic online payments. The Visa or Mastercard bank card allows you to drop the casino in Vancouver or Quebec directly from your bank account.

Bank cards are a payment method but they are also a means of withdrawal from your winnings to the casino.

To deposit money nothing more simple: indicate your details of bank cards and choose the amount to deposit. The transfer is made instantly.

And if you don't want to give your bank card, a Payment by phone is possible.

Pre-Payé tickets-Safety

Using your credit card on the internet can pose some problems and some people prefer not to give their visa or mastercard card number. Casino's pre-paied tickets are the solution to this problem by allowing you to deposit a specific amount on your casino account without revealing your information.

The pre-paid ticket or the pre-payée card works like our old phone cards. You buy a card containing a certain amount and this card has a special number that will allow you to make purchases or a warehouse.

The advantage of the pre-Payée card is also the mastery of your budget. You will not be able to spend more than the amount contained on the card.

E-wallets or electronic wallets-the modern solution

Since the internet start of payment solutions via electronic portfolio (or e-walk) have appeared to facilitate online purchases.

This solution quickly adapted to the needs of online casino players and supplier D-E-Wallet like Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill a PayPal For the most famous allow you to deposit money in your favorite casino from your electronic wallet or a ECheck.

All you have to do is recharge your e-walk thanks to your bank card and you can then drop and withdraw money from your online casino account.

Bitcoin and crypto - the geek solution

Many casino have adapted to the madness of bitcoin and crypto. Some casino allow you to play exclusively in cryptocurrency!

So you can now drop the casino in USA from your BTC wallet and make quick and discreet withdrawal.

Interac – La solution du USA

You all know Interac And there is no need to get into great detail here. So take advantage of the Interac's advantages to deposit quickly and easily in your favorite online casino.

Instadedbit - The favorite solution of USA players

You are not a fan of American e-wallet or you just want an alternative? Born in USA in 2003, Instadébit is a perfect solution for your deposits in online casino.

Installment or idébit Works a bit like a check system but online. You will have access to your bank account and can do without limits in a few seconds without having to use your bank card and risk making you hack your data.

To register for Instadébit, we have a dedicated article but you just have to create an account, fill in your details and indicate your bank account.

You will then receive a confirmation code and you will be able to use Instadébit for your needs.