The 5 best Crash Casino games in USA

To find new ways to give players the thrill, Online casino often find new game systems. Outside the classics Casino in Direct et machines a sous, a new type of game appeared: The crash game at the casino.

Discover our top 5 best games of Casino crash!

Crash Casino game typeBest Crash Casino game according to
Best Crash Casino gameaviator
The most original crash gameDino
The funniest gameJETX
The ranking of the best CASINO crash games

CRASH CASINO - Definition

Since 2021 and the development of mini-games on casino has appeared in online casino LNo crash casino games.

The Casino Game crash is an online mini-game which consists of a line increasing your earnings by multipliers to the crash. You are free to remove your earnings at any time, but if the line crashes you lose everything.

It is therefore a rather simple principle that makes the success of Crash Casino Games In 2022. However, crash games are not easy to find because all casinos do not offer them and the big names of publishers like Nette or MicroGaming do not offer them. They are a bit different from Mini online casino games which offer even simpler mechanics.

It is a game appreciated by beginners in the world of the casino because it does not require specific talents and that with luck, the gains can be very important.

The best sites for playing crash casino games

As we have seen, most casino in USA do not offer (yet) the Crash Casino games on their sites. So a skimmed internet to find the casino that offer reliable and guaranteed crash games so that you can play without risk.

Here is our top casino to play crash games:

  • Mystake Casino : 100% up to 1000$ or 150% up to 200$ To play the game crash Dino
  • CasinoZer : 100% up to 500$ + 50 FS To play on the game crash aviator
  • Millionz : 100% up to 500$ + 50 FS To play on the game crash aviator
  • Vegas : 100% up to 800$ To play on crash games JetX et Jetlucky

There are currently a small selection of online crash games that are worth it. For the moment there is not yet, like the Sous Machines, thousands of titles available.

Here are the 5 best crash casino games

  • 1 – Dino Mystake
Dyno Mystake

A game that already changes the mechanics of crash games with not a line that goes up but a dinosaur which runs and which is collided by a meteorite causing the end of the game.

Dino Mystake This is the favorite crash of the datslot team by its very nice graphics, its interesting game mechanics and its winning potentials.

Very popular on Tiktok, the minimum bet for playing is 10 USD.

  • 2 – Aviator
aviator crash casino

aviator is already one of the great classics. It is the most played and appreciated game of the players. Its principle is simple, an airplane rises, goes up, goes up multiplying your earnings until it crashes.

The minimum bet is 0.10 $ per turn and maximum $ 100. You can follow the bets of other players and discuss in the cat thanks to the game options. This social dimension strengthens the links between players and can push some to try to burn the slightest second possible.

  • 3 – JetX
jetx crash casino

Fans de Top Gun, JETX is made for you. Available exclusively on CBET This game offers a climbing fighter in the sky to its inexorable crash.

With minimum bets at $ 0.10 and up to $ 100 it is one of the most popular games.

  • 4 - Jetlucky
Online-Review-Casino plays in Jetlucky

We can't talk about jetx without talking about jetlucky. Taking up the same concept, it does not offer a revolution in the game of play but it offers a Big redistribution rate From 96.50% which puts it in the high margin of the best online machines.

  • 5 – Space XY
Space Xy is a game of Casino on the theme of space

For lovers of space and spatial conquest. Space Xy offers a rocket that climbs in space and becomes more and more incandescent until the explosion.

One of our favorite games for the space theme.

Can we play Crash Casino on mobile?

Being able to play crash games is good, being able to play on crash games from your smartphone is even better.

as The biggest online casino on smartphone, it is of course possible to play crash games from your iPhone or Android thanks to Technology HTML5.

It is also possible to make Depot on the casino from his phone, which allows you to be able to play 100% from a smartphone.

Are there techniques to win at CRASH CASINO?

Unfortunately, Casino crash are subject to the same rules of chance as are the machines to under. If you want to understand how algorithms behind the slot machines or crash games work, we have a guide on our site.

However, you can try martingales with more or less success. The technique recommended then is to double if you lose and so on.

Here are some tips for winning at Crash Games Casino:

  • Take your earnings - set yourself a goal and as soon as it is reached take the gain
  • Be patient - do not rush between two parts or just because you think you are gaining a gain
  • Use a Martingale technique - you can try to double if you have just lost
  • Monitor the gains and losses of other players
  • Pay attention to the last installation to avoid falling into it
  • Don't try big bets if you can't do it.

Can we play for free?

Unlike free on free ons or demonstration games, you will need to fill your virtual wallet to be able to play.

In fact, crash games are casino money games like live casino or slot machines and therefore ask for an investment to the player.

This is also why the crash games are prohibited from minor people and that if you feel that you become addict, you must ask for help (we explain how ici).


Crash games mini-games are on the rise right now and understands very well why.

They are often in competition with mini-games like Spaceman, Goal Casino or Yeti game by mystake By their features and the fact that they offer parties filled with actions.

They are fast, simple, fun and also very popular on Tiktok. They are a simple way to discover the universe of online casino and allow beginners and experienced players to discover the pleasure of online game.