You should know that 80% of the gains in a casino are obtained thanks to the slot machines. It must be admitted, current machines have absolutely nothing to do with the first slot machine, created by Charles August Fey and they offer features who have changed the way of playing.

However, few people know exactly how a slot machine works. We therefore propose to enter the secrets of slot machines a little. You should know that there are several factors that will make it possible to better understand the world of the casino and that of the famous slot machines.

The operating secrets of a slot machine

At first, we will evoke the Return to Player (RTP), also called redistribution rate. A casino worthy of the name must communicate, and to be around 95%.

Be careful, that does not mean that you will have a 95 % chance of winning at the casino or the slot machine. This simply means that out of 100 euros introduced into the machine, 95 euros will be redistributed to one or more players. This figure is generally indicated in a section, called terms and general conditions or conditions of use. We have created a guide 10 slot machines with the biggest RTP

A slightly less known figure is the volatility of a machine. Some manufacturers talk about Hit Frequency. This is the frequency where the machine will display a winning combination. This percentage varies between 3 and 10 %. The more the machine has low volatility, the greater the jackpot.

This figure does not depend on the type of casino or you play and a Casino a minimum deposit in USA must have the same rate as a normal casino, and this is controlled by law.

The algorithm of slot machines

You should know that it remains a last essential point to see, to allow you to understand how the algorithm of slot machines works.

How does the algorithm work on the slot machines? The modern slot machine uses an algorithm known as random numbers generator, GNA, who does not use any memory form to determine when a number must be generated.

Note that each manufacturer uses an algorithm that will determine the choice and position of each symbol. This figure varies between 0 and 4 million and is completely random. Thus, and unlike popular belief, there are no "hot" machines, because the machine absolutely does not take into account the fact that it has already made a jackpot right just before, since each round is and remains random.

Of course, the volatility of the machine is taken into account. So there is little chance that you won the Jackpot on a free progressive machine Twice in a row on the same machine, even if mathematically it remains possible.

Can we hack a slot machine?

The world of Casino is full of myths and legends especially in the fact of blur the machines.

As a player, you can legitimately ask if it is possible to hack a slot machine. Even if nothing is impossible, it is extremely complicated to do it, if not impossible, as the variables are great. In addition, virtual and real casinos are very regularly controlled by state organizations. So you can play slot machines with confidence.