If you are like me, you are always attracted by certain types of online slot machines. It's like movies or books: there is always one style that we appreciate more than another ...

And casino game suppliers (which are far from stupid) have understood this little drive. This may be why themed slots are so successful.

There are some for everyone and my article today will be devoted to one of my favorite themes: slot machines on vampires!

Impossible to decide for the slot I prefer, so it will not be a top, just my 10 favorite slot machines on vampires. Let's go !

Ooh aah dracula

  • Editor's BarCREST
  • Rolls 5 × 3
  • Gain max x 5000
  • RTP 96%

Honor to the novelty: we start with the excellent parodic version of the publisher Barcrest. Design and music make us return to the time of the pastiches of the vampire film of the 70s. However, Ooh Ahh Dracula is a very technical slot machine with very good ideas like the “heart attack” bonus to win free spins, Its gamble function or its flamboyant mode to activate the “super cemetery”.

One of the best slots of the genre!

The Vampires

  • Editor endorphina
  • Rolls 5 × 3
  • Gain max x7500
  • RTP 96%

With its magnificent illustrations and its a little old -fashioned style, The Vampires is a slot machine that attracts attention. The goal is to go in search of a young virgin and to fill a chalice with her blood. Several chalices allow you to trigger Free Spins that you can bet with the "Take Risk" mode. A beautiful and exciting slot machine!

Crypt of the Vampires

  • Editeur Red Rake Gaming
  • Rolls 5 × 5
  • Gain max x 200
  • RTP 95.48 %

In this slots also the accent is put on the aesthetic side with very beautiful and very dark illustrations. The style of play is classic, with 432 payment lines and the possibility of collecting the portraits of each vampire.

For the lucky player who won the mode progressive jackpot, a secret chapel allows him to earn more free spins or cash money. One of my favorite machines for the atmosphere.

Dracula’s Castle

  • Editor Wazdan
  • Rolls 5 × 4
  • Gain max 500 000
  • RTP 96%

A dark atmosphere at will for a machine to slot with twists and turns : symboles Wilds Leaning the portrait of vampires, a wall of bones with free spins which let only one symbol on the rolls ...

And in case of victory, the mistress of the house will offer to choose between two glasses of ... wine? To put your price at stake.

A great atmosphere!

Dracula’s Family

  • Editor Playson
  • Rolls 5 × 3
  • Gain max x 1750
  • RTP 95%

Another beautiful slot machine whose theme is the whole of Dracula, gathered under the same roof to accommodate the reckless player with great fanfare.

There too, the features are very numerous, with a gamble function to put its earnings into play (by choosing between several coffins) and the “Family Fortune” mode which allows you to multiply free spins.

Blood Hunters

  • Editor Leander
  • Rolls 5 × 3
  • Gain max x7500
  • RTP 97.99%

In this terrifying slot machine, Leander returns to the most striking figures in vampiric literature: Dracula, Nosferatu, Lilith ... Graphics and 3D animations are very well done, and the game conceals very pleasant functions: a Wild at 300x The bet, free spins, coffins to choose for more bonuses ...

A classic slots but very pleasant to play.


  • Editor's Net
  • Rolls 5 × 4
  • Gain max x 400
  • RTP 96.6%

Here is a more modern version of our traditional Dracula. I particularly like the graphics of this one, with very beautiful 3D animations.

When the Free Spins are triggered, the screen disappears in a volley of bats.

Once the special mode is triggered, the bats move randomly on the rolls and can draw a new symbol that brings more bonuses.

Vampire Desire

  • Editor's BarCREST
  • Rolls 5 × 5+
  • Gain max x 250
  • RTP 96%

Who says vampire also says vamp! This slot with very neat Old School graphics presents a beautiful seductive with sharp teeth which takes you after it in a sinister crypt.

This excellent slot machine rarely has the attention it deserves. Even if his jackpot is not very high, his playing modes with very original features are really interesting to play: rollers hidden in the crypt, Wild symbols that padlock each other, “vamp it” bonus… absolutely !

From Dusk Till Dawn

  • Editor Novomic
  • Rollers 5 × 4 +
  • Gain max 25 000
  • RTP from 96% to 98%

Taken from the famous film by Quentin Tarantino, this slot of Novomatic faithfully reproduces the boosted atmosphere, between big guns and vampires thirsty for blood.

Many bonuses allow you to change the rhythm of the game: “Everybody be cool”, “cash explosion”, “on the run”…

Music is accelerating and gains accumulate: this slot machine really offers a separate atmosphere.


  • Editor 1 × 2 Gaming
  • Rollers 5 × 4 +
  • Gain max x500
  • RTP 95%

The most famous vampire duck is also entitled to his dedicated slot machine.

In the same parodic genre as Ahh Ohh Dracula, Duckula offers burlesque drawings and animations that really have a good time.

In the bonus functions, a Duckula Wall of Fame "offers to launch a makeshift wheel to unveil characters. Everyone has a particular function which allows to multiply the bonuses: multipliers or free spins.

A fun machine but which offers great opportunities to set off again with full pockets.