This is one of the major arguments of casinos to attract new players.

As soon as you arrive on the home page, pop ups throw you in the face very attractive money, often accompanied by free bonus towers.

Most Are all the bonuses equal? No.

We can even sometimes discover that it is better to take less money but with more interesting bonus conditions.

Online-Review-Casino returns to one of the main advantages of online casinos, but also one of the most misleading: bonus offers.

What are the types of bonuses?

If you are used to online casinos, you know that there are several types of bonuses. Here is a brief summary of their characteristics:

Welcome bonuses

This is the number one sales argument online: their goal: to reward the registration of new players.

As a rule, the Welcome Bonus The casino offers the most generous, sometimes with thousands of dollars in play.

But often the conditions of bet appear only in small print below, and the reckless players are sometimes refused their earnings.

Bonuses without deposit

The Bonus without deposit are a direct offer of the casino, without the need to submit personal funds.

Of course, the Bonus without deposit is rarely very high: it is direct money from the casino.

It can also take the form of free spins.

The without deposit bonuses are also subject to conditions of bet and withdrawal.

Bonuses with deposit

These bonuses concern players who are already registered on the game platform. They are often offered as a reward in daily promotions or tournaments.

This is a financial boost of the casino that boosts the player bet to play larger sums.

From time to time the bonuses with a depot offer a system of bonus cashback casino who donates you part of what you drop.

Free towers

The free towers Or Free Spins are one of the most popular bonuses.

As their name suggests, these are bonus towers offered to play online slot machines. The slot can be free or imposed by the casino.

Free Spins are the ideal bonus to test the rules of a new game.

But even free towers can be subject to conditions.

Loyalty offers

If the casino did not take care to pamper his players, they would leave the platform at the end of the welcome bonus.

Loyalty offers are special promotions that increase the awards of players active on the site. They often take the form of additional services, cash bonuses to play on games, tournaments or gifts ...

VIP clubs are among the loyalty offers.

How to choose bonuses according to the casino?

To choose your bonuses efficiently, you must first think about what you are looking for in a casino.

What is your type of game - slot machine? card games ? Roulette? Live game?

For each game there is a suitable type of bonus.

For example, American roulette is more advantageous than European roulette, some blackjack variants use more cards, slot machines have RTP (Return To Player) different…

The RTP of a game is equal to what you can hope to gain less the advantage of the casino.

For example, if you play a slot machine with a 98% RTP, the advantage of the house is 2%: for $ 100 you can recover $ 98.

Obviously, this is a statistical projection calculated on thousands of slots and players.

The principle of the game of chance is that the majority of players touch much less, and that some lucky people touch much more.

But the casino takes these statistics into account: This is why some well -rated games are not included in promotional offers.

Whatever your final choice, do not forget that these gifts are offered because the casino is certain to enter its costs in the long term: in the end the house still wins.

What is a deposit limit?

The deposit limit is a security set up to protect the casino during the use of bonuses.

The deposit limits also affect banking transactions. This prevents for example that a player who has just touched his welcome bonus leaving with a huge jackpot: the casino would be fully losing in this situation.

It is the casino that decides on the limits and conditions for obtaining the bonus, for example, it can limit the caps of gains to a promotion of free towers.

These limits are always specified on bonuses, including on casino comparators as datslots.

Finally, when a bonus is used, casinos often impose a rule on the withdrawal of earnings.

The most efficient online casinos offer to note deposits and gains on separate virtual wallets: the gains of your real silver wallet can then be removed without impacting your bonus.

How does the condition of a bonus work?

No casino will offer you $ 1000 with a smile.

To offer you bonuses, they offer you to play on their games for a certain period. Once the bonus is finished, it becomes possible to convert it into real money.

These bet requirements are called wager or bonus conditions. On average they are between 20x and 50x the bet, sometimes more.

The Wager can apply to the amount of the bonus alone or with the deposit.

Of course, and it is very appreciated, there are bonus sans Wager.

Finally, wager conditions can also be subject to time conditions.

For example, a free spins bonus can be valid 15 days after triggering.

It is very important for the player to carefully check the importance of the bonus, but also the conditions of it.

A distracted or poorly informed player can see his bonus refused for the breach of the rules and losing the gains linked to it: this is a recurring problem for the Casinos customer services.

How do you know if you have to refuse a bonus?

Certain bonus conditions are so severe that it is better to give it up to withdraw your earnings. How do you know if it is worth it?

You must first determine the conditions of bet: it is enough to multiply the conditions of bet by the bonus.

  • For example, with a bonus of $ 1000, a requirement for setting X35 corresponds to $ 35,000.
  • A 100% bonus game ($ 100) forces you to bet the deposit and the bonus 25x ($ 100 + $ 100) x25 = $ 5000

You then know how much you need to bet. The contribution rate must now be added.

For instance

  • The majority of slot machines have 100% contribution, no need to calculate.
  • On a part of roulette with 10% contribution, you must multiply the amount of the bonus by 100 and divide by 10.
  • On a live blackjack table which contributes 25% to the bonus, it will be necessary to multiply by 100 then divide by 25.

So :

  • Avec un bonus 1 000 $ wager x 35 > 35 000 $ à la machine à sous
  • Avec un bonus 1 000 $ wager x 35 > 140 000 $ au vidéo Poker
  • Avec un bonus 1 000 $ wager x 35 > 350 000 $ à la roulette

Let's be clear: a casino will not ask you to play 350,000 dollars to touch a bonus, these are just indications for play.

Once you know the amount to play, it must be multiplied by the advantage of the casino: this tells you how much you can lose by trying to fulfill the bet.

  • Machine à sous > 1000 $ avec un wager x35 = 35 000 $ x 0.0265 (avantage du casino) Résultat : 927.50 $
  • Vidéo poker > 1000 $ avec un wager x35 = 140 000 $ x 0.0046 (avantage du casino) Résultat : 644 $
  • Roulette > 1000 $ avec un wager x35 = 350 000 $ x 0.017 (avantage du casino)

Result: $ 9,450

In these configurations, it seems obvious that it is the roulette that will make the player lose the most: $ 9,450 to try to recover the bonus of $ 1000.

He is the most likely slot machine player to get into his expenses (but it can also depend on the machine).

Does a bonus are really worth it to be used?

As you understood, it depends a lot on the withdrawal conditions requested by the casino.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you must always take the time to check the bonus conditions, especially since they can vary from one bonus to another.

If an offer of free towers or additional earnings can help you spend time on your favorite games, then it will always be a good thing: the casino is as much a question of playing as money!