Speedrun is when a player tries to finish a video game as quickly as possible. There are many: Any% (finish the game without worrying about the objectives), Zero Kill (only the compulsory bosses are killed), 100% ended ...

Since the advent of social networks, some star players have chosen to devenir Streamer And made themselves famous by making speedruns on cult games known to be very difficult.

Real groups of speedrunners have appeared, with sharing of information on bosses, the best passages, tips; The bugs to exploit ...

For the spectators of these sports exploits, the speedrun is a full -fledged show, where the slightest error forces you to start everything again.

Some speedruns have become legendary: here is our selection of those who will mark history!

Number 10 Super Mario 64

Record time: 6 minutes 44 seconds

SpeedRunner : Akira

Everyone knows one of the most famous games in the Nintendo 64. Super Mario 64 quickly caught the attention of the groups of speedrunners who compete to harvest the most stars in record time.

But the Akira player chose a different path: using a software bug that allowed him to increase his speed, Akira managed the feat of finishing Super Mario 64 in only 6 minutes 44, and without touching a single star!

Powered from door to door, he only had to beat Bowser in a few blows to bring Peach before lunch time. Easy.

Number 09: Vice City

Record time: 53 minutes 29 seconds

SpeedRunner : MHMD_FVC

For all those who have spent hundreds of hours exploring the corners and corners of vice city, it's an incredible feat.

In this Speedrun Type Any%, MHMD-FVC trained until predicting the slightest pitfall of the route. Made on PC with the Japanese version (more stable when using glitch) This speedrun is a goldsmith's work.

Number 08: Super Meat Boy

Record time: 17 minutes 43 seconds

SpeedRunner : Vorpal

Super Meat Boy is one of the great classics of the old -fashioned games who pushed the player to start the picture with each deadly obstacle.

It is not a perfect record, but it is already a full -fledged feat: Vorpal ends Super Meat Boy in less than 18 minutes with a single death on the counter.

His secret? Take advantage of a bug that allowed him to play in continuous jumping mode throughout the game.

Number 07: Skyrim

Record time: 35 minutes 20 seconds

SpeedRunner : I_NEED_A_DOCTOR

Skyrim is an immersive role -playing game that we take pleasure in discovering slowly, to enjoy each landscape.

But for the player i_need_a_doCtor, saving Bordeciel will not be done by dragging.

Using all the opportunities for the game (permanent sprint, duplication of spells, glitches ...) it is in a little more than half an hour that the elected official of dragons ends his quest.

Barely time to finish the character's skin for most players!

Numéro 06 : Doom 2 : Hell on Earth

Record time: 19 minutes 59 seconds

SpeedRunner : Zero-Master

Doom II Hell on Earth is one of the biggest speedrun in history

When we talk about speedrun, it remained in the memories. In a frantic race, the Zero-Master player finished one of the most difficult and gore games of his generation in 19 mins 59.

With an unpredictable script that can make monsters appear anywhere on the way, the feat impresses, but it is even worse when you know that it ended it in ultra-violence difficulty mode!

Number 05: Super Mario Bros

Record time: 4 minutes 57 seconds

SpeedRunner : Darbian

Yes, you read correctly: less than 5 minutes to finish the super Mario Bros de la Console Nes (which is part The most expensive video games in history). Many speedrunners clashed on this platform to get the best score.

Super Mario Bros is still one of the most popular runs today, and the emphasis is on the speed of speed still held now by the Runner Darbian.

Number 04: Dishonored

Record time: 33 minutes 59 seconds

SpeedRunner : Mr Walrus

Dishonored is an action / infiltration game that has also been the subject of many runs, in all categories.

Mr Walrus, made the fastest run in the world in Any % by taking advantage of the many opportunities for the game to get around the objectives (and some well -placed glitch).

His journey is particularly frantic, with many outings of levels through collision bugs.

Result: the whole game in just over half an hour, stunning!

Number 03: Portal

Record time: 1 minute 7 seconds

SpeedRunner : Imanex

Portal is a reference for speedrunner

This speedrun is a collective work of 4 players. IMAXE, accompanied by his team: Gocnak, Z1MB0BW4Y and Sullyjhf have delivered real collective work to cross the whole rooms of the game in record time.

Using all the portal flaws, the players delivered a mind -blowing run where the most difficult seems to be to find their way at this speed, until you cross impossible spaces in normal times.

For a teleportation game, finishing it in less than two minutes is a real tribute!

Number 02: Zelda, Ocarina of Time

Record time: 17 minutes 45 seconds

SpeedRunner : Skater 82297

Zelda is one of the most played games of her generation, as much to say that he was the privileged target of many runs! Over time, an impressive number of glitch has been discovered, including that of the "Wrong Warp" which allows you to slip directly from the Mojo tree to the final dungeon!

Once arrived, it only remains to beat Ganon (helping with a few additional bugs) and it's over: 17 minutes.

Number 01: Half-Life

Record time: 20 minutes 41 seconds

SpeedRunner : Quadrazid

Half Life has been the subject of many speedrun records, each player leaving his mark on the famous game of the Valve studios.

And it is the quadrazid player who in 20 minutes 41s exceeds the previous record by 9 minutes.

This is also a collective work, Quadrazid being helped by his teammates and computer assistance (Tool Assisted Run).

In the end, an exceptional run made of continuous jumps, collision bugs and special games of the game ... It's beautiful as a watchmaking mechanism!