Functionalities of the Machines A explained

Classic slot machines were simple to to understand: 3 rolls, some symbols and voila.

Henceforth, suppliers of Sous Machines or Progressive jackpots offer complex game features but which offer many gains possibilities for players. takes a complete turn of these features so that you can enjoy your games with free towers no problem!

Progressive jackpots

The Progressive jackpots are a type of slot machines that combine players' bets to create a mega-jackpot accessible on all the machines on the network.

Some jackpots even amount to several million euros and have been happy biggest gains in casino.

The slot machines pay in both directions

To give more possibilities to get earnings, some slots are no longer content to save you from left to right but also from right to left! The machines that pay in both directions are happiness for players.

Autoplay or automatic reading

Nowadays, all modern under modern machines have the functionality of Autoplay or automatic reading. Choose a number of laps and the machine will play for you!

Welcome Bonus

To welcome new players, online casino often offer Welcome Bonus. These bonuses allow players to familiarize themselves with the casino and get a gain without playing their own money.

multiplier symbols

The Multiplier symbols of machines are a feature that will increase your gain lines and considerably increase your wins.

Scatters symbols

The Scatters symbols are the most appreciated by the players. In fact, these are these symbols that will allow you to get the games in free towers so much loved.

Payment lines

Slot machines offer a system of Payment lines Who are the combinations you can get to get your gain.

Sous machines with free towers

The dream bonus for each player. Modern under modern machines offer bonuses in the form of free towers For players. Often obtained after a number of scatter symbols, they allow you to get earnings without playing your own money.

Avalanche mode

To allow you to get more bonuses, there are Slot machines with an avalanche mode. The latter is casting the symbols to allow you to make new combinations of earnings.

Stacked bonuses or stacked Wilds

A game mechanics that makes a symbol occupies the entire place of the roller. the Stacked Wilds So allows you to multiply the potentially winning surface on the rolls.

Sticky Wilds or sticky symbols

Unlike other Wilds symbols, les sticky wilds The mechanism of staying on the rollers for several laps. So you have a chance to win longer than with a normal Wilds.