The avalanche mode of the machines

The game publishers are still looking for new ways of making us win bonuses and one of the most interesting innovations in recent years is avalanche mode.

How does avalanche mode work?

Slot machines in avalanche mode (or waterfall bonus) offer a gain mechanics that causes symbols to combination disappearing, allowing symbols placed above falling (avalanche or waterfall) that can cause new bonuses.

It is a mechanics inspired by ancient games such as Tetris which made the blocks disappear to drop those above and so on.

In classic under -sous machines in avalanche mode you can find 90k, Gonzo’s Quest ou Gem Rocks.

A Sub -Subs offering an avalanche mode

Other bonus modes

Avalanche mode therefore allows us to obtain more gains consecutively given that our Payment lines evolve according to the symbols that disappear and fall. A good sequence can therefore win a bonus fairly substantial.

In the new game mechanics we can find the sticky bonuses or the bonuses that pile up and which also offer new ways of winning free towers on the machines.

Unlike certain features that require special combinations, avalanche mode is triggered automatically and allows you to enjoy it throughout your game.