Sub -shaped machines with multiplier symbols

Multiplicating symbols are a function of certain slot machines which allow you to multiply your earnings by a certain percentage.

These multipliers can range from simple X2 to X1000 for Machines at the largest redistribution rate. Some symbols are common to almost all Free Sous A Tours machines or Progressive jackpots.

When you align these multiplier symbols on Payment lines From the Sous Machine, you then pick up this bonus.

Play phases with multipliers

Typically you will not find any multiplier symbols in the normal play phases. Even if some penguin bandits Can offer this option, you will mainly meet multiplier symbols in the bonus or free spins game phases.

However, there is an exception to the rule which is that some machines offer a multiplier on a winning line. Byxample, you get a payment line and a multiplier, the multiplier will then be activated on the earnings of your payment line.

Free towers multipliers

As we have just seen, the majority of multipliers are in the bonuses. Free laps often have completely different game mechanics to offer a feeling of “game in the game” for players.

One of these mechanics is to make you choose a random symbol and it is this symbol that will determine the number of multipliers that you will take down. Streshy guarantees!

Multiplicating symbols on Gonzo’s Quest

Wild multipliers symbols

Another mechanics you can find is the fact that Wild symbols act as multipliers.

When one of these Wild signs appears on your rollers He can get a multiplier and offer you free roller tricks to allow you to gain a gain.

Multiplier symbols and scatter symbols

We know that the scatter symbols have the role of winning free towers in our games. It may be on some machines that the scatters walk in combination with multiplier symbols.

In effet, slots offer for example to offer you free towers if you have a combination of a number of scatter symbols and a multiplier.

Like the number of payment lines, the Welcome Bonus which can be played or not on this machine A SO or the scatter symbols, multipliers are an element to take into account if you want Optimize your machine winnings A sous in the world of online casino.