How to increase your chances of gaining slot machines?

For the majority of people, especially those who never play, win the games and especially to the slot machines of a kind of favorable predestination. Some, lucky, win gains while others, on the contrary, suffer a real curse and do not acquire any property. However, without really being able to talk about strategies, since the programming of these machines remains random, it is advisable to take into account 9 tips to increase your chances of winning in slot machines:

Look at the redistribution or RTP rate

Before opting for a specific casino or a particular machine to play, it is important to find out about the "Return to Player" (RTP) or Reversal to the player.

This rate, which oscillates between 92% and 97%, corresponds to an algorithm integrated into the slot machine.

The higher it is, the more the players are likely to recover gains, since it is the bets made by all the players who are thus redistributed. The indication of this percentage is found either online, in catalogs dedicated to casinos, or on the slot machines themselves or you can find Our article on 10 machines A to the largest RTP.

Read the winning tables

In order to win a sum corresponding to your expectations, It is important to analyze the table of the earnings of each machine. Indeed with all the others FUNCTIONALITIES OF MACHINES A, this, available on each machine, live or online, informs the player about the number and value of the earnings obtained by each winner.

It also indicates the frequency to which these gains were perceived. Depending on these details and your personal goals, you will choose to invest or not on this machine or on this Casino crash game.

So, you would prefer, perhaps, more, try your luck with a game that frequently redistributes small sums, rather than another which allows you to obtain a stronger sum but much less often.

Adapt your stakes to the earnings you want

Obviously, as a rule, the more you want to win, the more you need to bet. However, other parameters are involved. If we refer to the concept of algorithm, which conditions the operation of the slot machines, the analysis of the winning table will encourage the player or not to spend a larger sum.

Indeed, if several players have recently won gains, it seems likely that the chance to win is lessen. On the contrary, if a fairly long period of time has passed since a saving has been won, the player can increase his bet and hope to win significant profits.

But, your bets also depend on your initial budget: if it is modest, you should not engage too large sums. A strategy also consists in investing smaller but more numerous amounts, which offers you more opportunities to win the "big batch".

Play free games to test the slot machines

Many people dream of winning millions and believe that slot machines constitute a means suitable for their aspirations.

However, not all have control of their operation. This is why, the best solution to understand them and become an expert in their handling is to play free games.

These take place online and allow players to discover or test them. The objective of this free provision is to offer an experiment, then an addiction to neophytes who, for the most part, will gradually indulge in paid online games, then try their luck in the casinos.

Testing games for free also offers you the possibility of determining the types of games you like the most. There is indeed a wide range of games and it seems important to combine pleasure and profitability.

You can also opt for different machines, classic, progressive, multi-line, video. It's up to you to determine the kind of machines and games that best suit you.

Free online games are carried out either with real money or without financial contribution, simply to acquire the game experience and have fun. The variety of these online games is equivalent to those you find in casinos: 3 to 5 rolls, 10 to 30 lines, "3D" games ...

Do not let the emotions go beyond

Whatever the results of the parties you have initiated, It is important that you stay the master of the game. Indeed, you should neither show excessive enthusiasm nor succumb to deep despair.

These two inclinations are both of a lack of mastery of your emotions and preventing you from controlling the situation. If you are lucky for several games, you can be tempted to play more and with higher amounts, you suddenly risk losing the gains raised.

In the same way, if you keep losing, by a movement of anger or disillusionment, you may be led to bet in one part all the money you have, at the risk of losing everything.

Playing on slot machines therefore assumes real composure and management of your emotions.

The best way to keep control is to determine in advance the amount you want to invest and be held to this forecast, regardless of the outcome of the various games to which you will devote yourself. It is also up to you to plan the time during which you will play and respect it in order to avoid the same flaws as those stated above.


The functioning of slot machines is simple: the player by pressing a button or lowering a lever must reveal on the same line 3 or 5 identical symbols, depending on the number of rolls of the machine.

These machines are currently managed by computers and subject to a mathematical program that uses algorithms and responds to the principle of probabilities.

The slot machines in USA are supervised by precise legislation which requires, for example, that 85% of the parts played is redistributed. These data is controlled by agents from the Ministry of the Interior.

How to increase your chances of winning at the casino?

Several actions allow you to increase your gains in the casino. The first, basic, consists in investing stronger sums, if your means allow it.

It seems obvious that the more the coins required by the machine are high, the higher the gains. Thus, a machine that requires a few euros will be more profitable than another which requires 50 cents for example.

The second solution is to start small sums but to play longer: the regularity of your bets can allow you to obtain the amount of the desired earnings. But, as we have considered it before, these two ways of proceeding include risks.

But, to earn more, the choice of games and machines is essential. Strangely it sometimes seems preferable to opt for machines with small jackpots. Admittedly, the gains will reveal less but more frequent. Staying attached to a large jackpot machine can lead to the total loss of your contributions because the latter is very rarely triggered.
Another way to enhance your contribution is to play on progressive machines.

The advantage of the latter, connected to each other, is to offer higher profits because the jackpot comes from the setting of a larger number of players. The latter can depend on the same casino or several, which intensifies the gains.

It actually appears that the best solution in order to gain is to resort to reflection and analysis. As the talented poker player acts by perfectly knowing the game of his opponents, the follower of the slot machines takes into account all the data in order to maximize his profits: the RTP, the table of winnings, ... perfectly master of his Emotions, he carefully observes what is happening around him and is, in a way, capable of anticipating the reactions of the machines around him.

This virtuosity is only reached after having done many parties. Only these almost professional players reach high performance levels, amateur players must rely more on the chance and the sums put into play.

How to win on online slot machines?

Unlike commonly accepted opinion, in order to be sure to win some profits by playing on slot machines, it is necessary to be measure and reason. Make many times small sums on the same machine, which you will have selected according to its RTP and its winning table, will likely allow you to increase your earnings.

You can also adopt other strategies. Thus, a perfect knowledge of the game undoubtedly increases the gains: Before investing your money, test the game thanks to the "demos" offered on the sites. Access to these "demos" requires no commitment, no registration, much more certain sites grant you "bonuses" that you can reuse when you are betting money.

The benefits of these demonstrations are double: you buy experience and you gain bonuses. Obviously if you register on one of the sites that offer to play online slot machines, your earnings will be valued.

How to increase your chances of winning at slot machines?

The different points we have addressed prove that luck is not taken into account to get woe machines gains. Only the observation of a few rules saves. To increase your chances of winning machines A must analyze the volatility of the machine on which you want to play. Thus You can recognize a machine that will pay.

This notion of volatility corresponds to the adequacy between the probability of winning and the gain: the less you have a chance to win, the higher the gain. You must also find out about the RTP, or redistribution rate, of the machine. Finally, it seems profitable to bet the maximum authorized sum on a slot, this way of proceeding will guarantee you the strongest jackpots.

These different advice proves that luck alone cannot intervene in the acquisition of slot machines, a few parameters are to be observed. Analysis of the data of each machine appears necessary to obtain maximum gains.