To win at machines a sous You have to define your way of playing and choose the right bet on the right slot. The bonuses and promotions displayed on the machines are obviously to be taken into account before choosing your slot. We will explain everything to you in this article.

Choose machines with the best gains and the least volatility

There are a lot of slot machines. They are all different and each offer, features, different gains and bonuses. There is something for everyone and you will necessarily find the one that suits you perfectly.

There is also a huge diversity in the choice of themes offered by the different existing slots. For example, you can see machines with dragons, cowboys or even sports to name a tiny part.

To win small earnings, but often the choice arises on a machine with an average RTP, but which has greater volatility. Conversely, To win big gains, but much less often, you have to choose a machine with a very high RTP, but volatility will be lower.

How to find the RTP (or redistribution rate to players)?

It is greatly recommended to choose a slot with a RTP of 95 % minimum. This means that the casino keeps for him 5 % of everything that the players are betting on the slot machine. The gains are redistributed at random and not in proportion to the number of bets of a given player at a given time. Besides Games with the biggest redistribution rate turn around 98%.

Most often you will find the redistribution rate to players on the casino website. You have to look in the game settings section. If you never find it in the settings, you can go look to the official websites of slots (for example, Booongo or Amatic).

Besides, you should know that the redistribution rate does not depend on the casino and that the RTP will be the same as you are on a Casino a minimum deposit in USA Or on a more “normal” casino.

So how can you choose a slot machine will pay? The RTP of machines usually varies between 92 and 97 %. So do not choose a machine that pays below 95%.

Check the volatility of the slot machine

First, you should know that the volatility of the machine is defined by the game software publisher. To find out the volatility of a slot you can go and search for this information in the selected game settings.

As with RTP, the volatility of a machine is also registered on the official websites of suppliers. On we always inform RTP and volatility of the slots.

There is also a little tip that can help you know the volatility of a machine. If the slot offers significant gains (greater than 10,000 tokens), it will have strong volatility. On the contrary, if the slot offers small gains (maximum 5,000 tokens) then it will have low volatility.

What is the volatility of a slot?

The volatility of a slot corresponds to the frequency of the gains paid to the players by this slot. This is a real indicator for the frequency and importance of gains on a chosen machine. A slot that has high volatility will always offer very high sums, but very rarely. So you have to get out of Casino myths On the volatility of the slots!

You have to be great patience to play on high volatility slots. It is mainly players in search of adrenaline and who want to win very large gains that choose these machines.

A slot that has average volatility will offer lower sums than a high volatility slot, but more substantial than a slot with low volatility. He is especially dedicated to players who are starting or who find it difficult to decide. This is an excellent between two that offer regular gains.

A slot that has weak volatility will offer small sums to be won, but much more regularly. Players who choose this kind of slot, generally come to entertain. This is an excellent option to limit the risk of loss.

Check that the casino is sure

An extremely important point before starting on a machine and starting to bet, is to make sure that the casino is sure.

Site safety

You have to look at the casino site to have a web address that starts with https. The little "S" at the end is the most important element to look at in the internet address of the site.

Indeed, this will prove that the site is well secured and that you can make transactions with peace of mind. We must also think of looking at whether the online casino site has received all the accreditations from the competent authorities to prove that it meets all safety standards.

Thanks to this, your personal data will be well protected. Most of the time, you can find this information in the website's FAQ or at the bottom of the site's home page.

If you don't find them directly on the site, it doesn't mean anything good. Otherwise you can also go to the site which gives the accreditations of all casino game sites in USA. Without this accreditation, the site will not be a legal site in USA.

Several choices of payment methods

It should also be verified that the Casino site offers several payment methods. It is of course necessary that these payment methods are known worldwide.

For example, the bank card, Paypal or even checks.

If a casino accepts only bank cards, for example, it is a bad sign. You can click on security at the bottom of the site's home page to see which security system, the casino has chosen to secure your financial transactions.

The bonuses

A very good way also to know if the online casino is sure is to Watch the welcome bonuses he offers to new players.

Most casinos offer new players welcome bonuses that can range from 100 to 200 %. Now, if you see a welcome bonus that goes from 400 to 500 %, it is certainly a scam. Indeed, all casinos earn money. They are not used to giving it so kindly.

History and withdrawal of gains

It is very important to check that the casino allows you to consult the history of your payments and withdrawals. You must always be able to keep track of your transactions on the site.

In addition, find out about the withdrawal of earnings before you start playing, because unpleasant surprises can be many.

At the bottom of the home page, you can find out about the conditions for the withdrawal of the gains under the General Conditions.

  • What are the limits of withdrawal of gains?
  • Is there a minimum amount before being able to withdraw the amount won?
  • What is the maximum amount you can withdraw?

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself before registering on an online casino. Make sure you have all the answers before starting to bet.

Client service

It is very important that the casino has set up customer service on its website. A connection problem, a question about a bonus or a dispute with the company, there are many reasons to verify this information beforehand.

Do not hesitate to them before registering on the chosen site. In this way, you will know how their customer service works.

If it does not answer you or if the expected answer is not the right one, flee this site quickly. A serious site will put serious customer service.

An important point too, is to look at all the different ways possible to reach them: telephone, email or even instant cat. And obviously the ideal is that customer service is accessible 24/7.

The responsible game

A transparent and reliable site will highlight the responsible game. On the site there will be links and symbols redirecting towards addiction assistance to gambling.

An explanation page of the fair game, the RNG (generator of random figures), data protection software and the privacy policy must also be present on the casino website.

The toy library and opinions

You have to think about checking the quality of the toy library before you start on a casino site.

If the toy library has few games, and in addition they are not known, the best solution is to go your way. The toy library must be rich and made up of recognized games.

You can also get a good idea of the seriousness of a casino by going to read the reviews of players posted on specialized journals. If a casino is not sure, there will be a multitude of negative opinions on this establishment.

Choose the right machine

You must find out about the possible bet amounts on the chosen machine before you start. In general, the bets range from 0.10 cent to several hundred euros.

What is also very important is to define well, before playing, the budget you want to spend on a specific slot Well distribute it according to the number of parts you plan to do.

Also keep in mind that the more rollers, rows and payment lines, the more likely you are to win.

Depending on the type of machine you choose, the bet and the technique will be different. On roller machines (1 to 3 lines) the price is generally between 0.20 cent and 5 $.

You have to have a large starting amount, because it comes back quickly.

The ideal is to play the maximum bet for at least 100 laps. In this way, you will be much more likely to win the jackpot.

On digital machines with multiple lines, the price is generally between 1 hundred and 50 cent, but it is necessary to multiply this sum by the number of lines, for each tower, which can very quickly become very expensive.

It is extremely important to play absolutely all possible lines every turn to hope to win. Indeed, on this kind of slots, the bonuses and the free games do not unlock if you do not play all lines.

And it is thanks to them that you will succeed in winning the jackpot. In all cases, before choosing a machine, check that the last gain counter is 0 or close to 0.

Look if the machine offers bonuses

Depending on the slot you choose, you will find bonuses and features Different:

Les free spins

These are free spins you can win while playing. They are triggered when you get three or more scatter symbols, at the same time. You can then earn gains up to 150,000 times your starting bet. This sum is then credited with the Bankroll (player's capital).

Les wilds

They are jokers. They appear randomly on the slot. This bonus is able to take the place of any other game symbol. It can also become a winning multiplier.

Bonus symbols

The symbols are not necessarily the same according to the machines. Thanks to them, you can collect additional gains during a game.

Bonus games

These are additional games to allow you to gain an in addition or even certain advantages, such as free spins for example.

The jackpots

Their operation is very simple. Whenever someone plays on a machine, he helps increase the jackpot, until he is won. So you can win large sums with small bets.