Myths on Debunke Casinos

The world of the casino is an opaque world where big gains, big losses, laughter and strong emotions.

With all these elements, we find a universe with superstitious players and many legends on the Operation of SOUs and on their gain possibilities. is launching a series on casino myths and helps you see more clearly and answer all your questions about the world of Online casino And online machines!

Are the machines to pay better at night?

A tenacious legend in the world of the casino claims that playing at night increases the chances of gain. therefore conducted the investigation to know if The machines pay better at night or not.

Can we blur an slot machine with a mobile phone?

A video by a casino St-Petersburg player ignited the canvas by suggesting that it was possible to win at the casino using your mobile phone like Machine jammer.

Can we be banned from casino if we win too much?

Do casino have a reason to ban high rollers from their establishments. A rumor claims that a casino can forbid us to play if we win too much. Online-Review-Casino investigate the subject.

Casino Welcome Bonus

To welcome new players, online casino often offer Welcome Bonus. These bonuses allow players to familiarize themselves with the casino and get a gain without playing their own money.

Is it better to stay on a single machine with?

Online-Review-Casino is interested in mathematics behind the slots and gives you the truth about Hot or cold machines.

Do casinos track us?

We know that Casino collects information to find out who we are. What do they do with this information?