What are scatter symbols and how do they work?

Scatter symbols are a function of the slot machines that allow you to unlock bonuses in a game.

Unlike other symbols that must appear in special places on payment lines, scatter symbols can appear any or to unlock their bonus. They are generally the rarest symbols and unlock the best bonuses or mini-games.

How do they work?

In general, each machine A subsequent has a certain number of scatter symbols to obtain in order to trigger the bonus session or the attached mini-game.

You will find the number of symbols necessary in the information of the game (often it is a small "information" button as on Yet 90k)

Scatters symbols on Yeti 90K

There are no pre-established structures for scatter symbols and these depend on the game on which you play. You must obtain a certain number or at least a certain distribution.

How do you know if a machine has scatter symbols?

All the S -shaped machines do not necessarily have scatter symbols. That’s why it’s good to read play or casino reviews To be able to find out in advance.

In addition, each machine has, whether it is with free towers or whether it is a progressive jackpot will tell you if she has scatter symbols in her information for players. You will also find other information such as RTP or payment lines.

Although these symbols are present on the Sous Machines, it is a mechanism that we do not find on the crash game au casino Because they are based on different game mechanics.

We therefore advise you to always consult the table of winnings to have all the info before embarking on a game.

What is the difference between Wild symbols and scatter symbols?

Two types of symbols that you will find in almost all the Sous machines are Wild symbols and scatter symbols.

The difference between the Wild symbol and the Scatters symbol is that the Wild symbol generally replaces any winning symbol except the scatters.

The scatter symbol also requires being in combination to trigger the bonus while the Wild symbol is self-sufficient as the multiplier symbol does. There is also the bonus avalanche which is another mechanics using the Wilds.

Scatters symbols and slot machines

In L'History of machines has The scatter symbols have always been present. Historically, the first scatter symbol in a slot machine was the cherry.

The cherry symbol appeared more rarely and did not need to be associated with another symbol to win. This is how the scatter's game mechanics were born.

Why is this symbol called Scatters?

In a normal part of machine A under the symbols must be aligned in a certain way to pay. It is combinations are called gain lines.

In the case of scatter symbols, they do not need to be part of a combination. They can therefore be dispersed (scattered in English) to the slot machine.