Playing casino or making sports betting is a demanding hobby. But when playing is no longer synonymous with pleasure but of having to do, the game can become an obsession.
An addiction to the game can have many consequences that it is at the family, financial and professional level. With the development of online casino from the Internet, temptations are increasingly large. In this article, we will see together what are the signs of dependence on the game, how to recognize an addiction and how to get rid of this addiction to the game.

Addiction to the game is dependence.

With the development of the Internet and the 24 -hour access to the U -shaped machines since the comfort of its living room, the bets in the casino exploded. With the development of the game, the addiction problems to the S -SU have also progressed according to Addiction to the casino is based on the same springs as addiction to drugs or alcohol.

When a player no longer controls his game and his desires for the game, the game becomes obsessive. When the game is obsessive, the player tends to:

  • cut yourself off from your environment,
  • to you are
  • To be deducted.

This behavior also leads to other problems such as insomnia, anxieties, memory loss, etc.

When you or your family start to feel that the balance between pleasure and compulsive game becomes more difficult to swing, it can be time to consult your family doctor or official assistance associations for compulsive players.

Why do you become dependent on the game?

Being dependent on gambling is part of what is called "behavioral addictions" to the same title as addiction to drugs or alcohol.

There are psychological and environmental factors that can explain how a person becomes addict to the game.

Here are the main factors of dependence on the game:

  • The environment

The environment for the player has evolved in recent years. While before, the game was limited in particular places such as terrestrial casinos, bars and some playgrounds, with the Internet, the player can satisfy his need to play at all times of the day and night without ever leaving his home.

With the Covid crisis and the work-work, this situation has deteriorated since the office served as a safeguard during the day.

  • The social factor

When we start to play, we often meet other players and we will tend to group together between players. With the effect of desociabilization of the family and traditional friends, the compulsive player will then surround himself with people with the same addiction as he will strengthen his addiction to the game.

  • Brain chemistry factor

Player, gambling and gains cause the brain a trigger for dopamines, which is the molecule of pleasure, happiness. This rush that the player will feel the first times will be searched over and over again.
As the player falls into addiction, this dopamine rush will be more difficult to obtain and will enclose the compulsive player in daily research of this initial rush, like an addict to drugs.

  • Psychological factors:

Trauma of childhood,
Anxiety, depressive mood disorder,
Repressed emotions,
Unsatisfied needs,
Low boredom tolerance,
Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADHD)
Personal, family or professional situation stressful,
Difficulty managing your problems

  • The gain factor

A player is going to play for money games in the hope of winning a big gain and changing his life thanks to this. In addition, the media will tend to highlight an illustrious unknown who would have won millions in the lottery or to an online jackpot, which will strengthen the belief that "winning is possible".

In reality, the winners at the casino are very minority, here are the average gains in different games of money

Average game redistribution rate

  • Gaming games of the American Games 51%
  • Heart 68%
  • PMU 69,57%
  • American average of games 59%
  • Terrestrial casino: 85% slot machines
  • Terrestrial casino: Boule 88.9%
  • Casino terrestre : black-jack 94,1%
  • Earth's mess: Roulette 97.3 %
  • Terrestrial casino: 98.5 % baccara


  • The factor of control and self -control

Strangely, for players, there is a feeling of self -control in a game of chance and that is why the players of money are often very superstitious. The image of the player who has a lucky tshirt, who wears a medium or who has a figurine with him comes from.

These TOCs are a desire for the mind to take control over something that Casino's compulsive players do not control.

How to recognize a pathological player?

Although the compulsive game is close in symptoms to drug addicts or alcohol, some signs are specific to the compulsive game:

  • You continue to play in the hope of regaining what you have lost
  • You can't stop playing
  • You no longer play for pleasure but out of need

These signs are precursor signs of the appearance of an addiction to the game and these signs can be the right time to consult his family doctor.
Here are some aid associations for players who can help you make a diagnosis and discuss your compulsive behavior with you:

Addiction to games - What consequences?

The consequences of addiction to gambling can take many facets and can have more or less consequences depending on the person but the main consequences are

  • Financial losses that can be important and have consequences on life
  • Professional problems, absenteeism or the loss of its job
  • Psychological problems due to depression, anxiety or lack of sleep
  • Multi-addictions such as the game associated with alcohol or drugs
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • A loss of landmark and its social and family circle

How to get rid of an addiction to the game?

When someone realizes that their relationship to casino game or their relationship to online casinos is problematic, it is not too late to regain control.
There are many associations or specialists in CMPulsive games that can reach out to you and help you get out of it.

It will then be necessary to make a holistic decision which will have consequences on all aspects of your life: change of entourage, usually, consultation of psychologist, lawyers, bankers, etc.

These first steps will help you get back on the right way and take the problems created by your boring dependence.

Also avoid watching too often les streamers de Casino who will tend to trigger game desires.

Here are our tips for getting rid of game addiction:

  • Talk about your problem around you: Opening to others is the first step to cure your addiction. Your family doctor is the first person to consult because he can guide you to a psychologist capable of taking your case. In addition, fighting addiction alone is very difficult. The support of your family and your loved ones is essential.
  • Take stock of your financial losses: Realizing how much money has been lost is important to make a complete assessment of the situation. This assessment will allow you to make a full plan with your lawyer or your banker to make a debt lake or declare yourself in a personal bankruptcy.
  • Avoid the places of temptation: Have online casinos and terrestrial casino prohibit, avoid bars and relationships that can bring you back to the game.