The first online casinos were born in the 90s. Since then, they have experienced a real revolution thanks to technological developments and the arrival of smartphones. In recent years of pandemic have been the last boost at their boom.

Yet the Casino in USA & Quebec Always attract many players who continue to travel to take advantage of games and services.

In this article, Daslots wanted to ask the question: from the point of view of the player, which casino offers the most advantages?

The advantages of land casino

If terrestrial casinos have lost part of their players in favor of online game, they always remain the absolute reference when we talk about play. This is why:

- Friendliness

For a large number of players, the casino is not just a place to play. It is a friendly space where you come to meet friends, exchange on your earnings, your favorite machines ... Whether around slot or blackjack salons, the terrestrial casino fulfills a real social role.

- Discuss with players and croupiers

For a real casino enthusiast, speaking game with a specialist is always a pleasure. Regular players end up knowing each other, as well as the croupiers. Real relationships are created with cards and dice in the background. You quickly become addicted to this atmosphere.

- the social side

The players who come as a couple or with friends are also very numerous. It’s such a pleasant and romantic outing as a cinema evening and betting with friends is a fun experience.

For the elderly who have fun with slot machines, it happens that the casino is their only leisure outside.

- Take advantage of the infrastructure (restaurant, bar, hotel)

In a terrestrial casino, everything is done so that players stay as long as possible. Of course, that does the business of the casino, but for customers, it means a very caring staff, many restaurant tables or elegant bars or prestigious hotels.

Did you know that in USA, a small percentage of customers never plays and only comes for bars-restaurants?

The advantages of online casinos

- Play or we want when we want

This is the number 1 advantage: not everyone has the chance to live near a terrestrial casino. With the online casino, which it rains, that it sells, that it snows (a lot), nothing prevents you from playing comfortably seated on your sofa.

With the development of online games on smartphones, it has even become common to play on the bus or during coffee breaks at the office.

- much more important bonuses

Online casinos like Kasu Casino Give fierce competition ... for the benefit of the player!

The bonuses offered by online casinos are always very important: bonus on deposit,

bonus sans Wager, Free Spins and Weekly Promotions: Millions of dollars are offered as a bonus each year by casinos eager for new customers.

- live game tables now allow you to have the social side

Thanks to video progress, live play tables were able to maintain the social side of the terrestrial casino. Online players can chat with the dealer and the other bettors, with the possibility of engaging the conversation with gaming enthusiasts around the world!

The mini-games, with their cat system, also managed to create a real community of players who exchange every day on their favorite games.

- Transactions are secure

No one would bet online money without high -level safety protocols. Casinos invest significant sums for their transactions to be secured. The payment methods are also very varied, up to cryptocurrency. For the player, it is the assurance of not walking with strong sums of cash.

The online game offers the best advantages with regard to pure game, in particular thanks to Welcome Bonus Online casinos, and on the practical side of distance game.

But terrestrial casinos keep for them the cozy atmosphere full of tension and the quality of service of an establishment dedicated to its customers.

As far as I'm concerned, I have never asked myself the question: the week I play online, and in land casinos on weekends