It has been some time that players saw the progressive jackpot gaining momentum and tension became palpable around the machine.

But it’s finally over: Tuesday, January 30, a lucky little one became a multimillionaire overnight, with one of the biggest prize boots ever won in USA.

A winner has several million on Mega Moolah

20 million dollars: a jackpot with the world record

If it is not the biggest jackpot in the history of Progressive jackpots, this great gain beats the one held by all European casinos and online casinos. Of course, when a player wins the jackpot, he is converted into the motto of his country of residence. He also entered the List of biggest winners in the casino!

The last record dates from September 2018, with the trifle of 29.7 million c $ (18.9 million euros). With the exchange rate, if it was a Americanman or an American who had won the jackpot, it was 30,000,000 c $ that he would have won!

A new millionaire on the MEGA MOOLAH list

We can congratulate ourselves by the luck of our American friend who won this record win. Again and again, the microgaming MEGA MOOLAH slot has shown its generosity. Since her online appearance in 2018, she has changed the lives of many people worldwide.

Each big winner has thus won between one million and thirty million dollars since its creation: it has been $ 750 million in total.

As often, and we understand it, the lucky winner preferred to keep anonymity. His luck is as extraordinary as his earnings.

Observers still note that among the last 11 jackpots of the Mega Moolah, all have been won by online players. For this jackpot, it was from a computer that the gain was won.

This is another good ad for online casinos: this dream jackpot could be yours. We are starting to have fun on free slot machines, then just one lucky dollar is enough to change your future forever.

Just try your luck and play!