Even if you are a great player of Blackjack and Direct It is strongly possible that you have never asked you where the word "blackjack" came

The Blackjack is called Blackjack because to promote the game, an additional bonus was dropped when the player was pulling a valet of spade or trefle (jack) with a spike or trefle (black for color).

The Blackjack name therefore comes from Welcome Bonus For the players who tried themselves in the game of 21 (former name of the Blackjack).

The Blackjack Ancestre was a American game from the 1700s who was named "the 21" and which was very popular in Europe at that time. To promote the game in the United States or it was imported, the idea of an additional bonus was added and the name of Blackjack remained even if the bonus has disappeared.

Some historians Think that the name Blackjack supplanted the name "twenty-one" during the First World War when the game spread among soldiers of different nationalities.