After tasting Online casino, many players want to try the real experience. The casino is a place open to all audiences, and the staff is trained to manage difficult situations.

For the rest, some simple concepts of good manners are enough to integrate you perfectly into this environment.

If you like the atmosphere and the luxury of casinos, but you are afraid of making a misstep, here is a list of gestures to avoid:

Rules of conduct in a casino:

- Do not consume too much alcohol

Of course, excessive alcohol consumption can always lead to behavioral problems, but in a casino where money circulates from table to table, a drunk customer can make other players very nervous.

Another essential reason is that by consuming too much alcohol, you can lose your means and lose more often.

- Do not touch the money on the tables

This is a sacred rule: you never touch the money or the tokens placed on a game table. Only the dealer can do so, and he must follow a strict protocol. Cheating is the obsession of all casinos: any unforeseen gesture can be misinterpreted.

- Do not give money directly to the dealer

Still for reasons of reliability and safety, it is forbidden to give money to the dealer from hand to hand. The right behavior is to put your money on the table. The dealer will pick it up before noting each ticket or token in front of the player.

- Do not annoy players

Casino customers are there to have fun and try to make money. In any case, avoid annoying them at their game table: you can break their concentration or simply deconcentrate them.

Discretion does not prevent commenting on games or small conversations, but if a player remains remote, do not insist.

- Do not film the game tables

Some casinos authorize general photos of the playrooms or events in the casino, but the game tables and sometimes the slot machines cannot be photographed (the case of tabs the blackjack an Direct is of course a little different).

In a casino, discretion is in order to protect customer anonymity.

Rules of behavior at the game tables

To enjoy the atmosphere of a casino in peace, some behavioral rules are to be known by all players.

Have a correct dress

No need to take out the tuxedo, but a correct outfit can be required on a game table.

Be correct with the dealer

Casinos offer games of chance: the dealer can never be made responsible for your losses. It is very rude to pass your nerves on the service of a dealer.

Have a light hand on the cards

Touch carefully, taking care not to fold or mark them.

be patient

On a game table, it is very rude to touch his cards before the dealer has finished his distribution. As a rule, all players grab their hand at the same time.

Leave a tip to the staff

It is always well seen to leave a token or a croupier or room staff, especially if you leave the table with a nice sum. The tip is a significant part of the salary of casino employees.

You will now be able to avoid deviations from a game table, this is not complicated. Also know that Cripissers will be delighted to help beginners enter a rule point.

To train, you can also watch the gestures of other players, or learn the rules on online games.