On vacation, during an evening, a weekend, ... you want to try to go and play casino (and if you are lucky to the largest casino in the world), this prestidian place where you can earn (or lose!) Money by playing the famous lower machines, casters or blackjack? 10 tips to follow before going to the casino for the first time. Follow the leader !

1. Before entering the casino: remember to take an identity document

In USA, access to casinos is settled: they are prohibited from minors. You must therefore be able to be able to justify your identity when arriving.

2. How to dress to go to the casino?

Depending on the casinos, you will have to make a clothing effort. Some casinos accept a more relaxed outfit (pants-chew for example) while others impose the costume for men and the evening dress for women.

3. A first visit is a discovery: relax and enjoy

With its lights, sounds, games, the casino is a place where a special atmosphere reigns. When you arrive, take the time to navigate between the tables. There is no point in stressing, relax and ... take advantage of it!
If you are afraid to put yourself immediately at a game table, you can start with electronic machines and mini-games such as Casinozer mines which are quite easy to take in hand.

4. Take your time and observe

In a casino, there is no obligation to play. So take the time to observe the game and think about it twice before continuing. Beginner, you can quickly be galvanized with a gain and lose everything then then bet.

5. Take note of the operating rules of the casino and prohibitions

Casinos have a particular operation: it is prohibited to count the cards, to touch the croupiers (the tokens or the money must be left on the table). A good method to familiarize yourself with the rules is to look at casino streamer Play not to be surprised in front of the game table.

6. Watch out for specific poker rules

If you go to the casino to access the poker room, check the operating rules beforehand. It is particularly common to register beforehand.

7. Be accompanied

A first visit to the casino is always nicer with a friend, his spouse, his brother ...

8. Ask questions to the croupiers

Do not hesitate to solicit the croupiers.

9. Try out formula: Take advantage of the presence of a professional dealer by your side

In some casinos, for the first time, it is even possible to be accompanied by a professional dealer who will explain all the workings of the games and will be able to bring you his expertise as a connoisseur.

10. Take a maximum budget not to exceed

Plan a sum of cash that you will not exceed. It would be a shame to lose everything upon the first visit to the casino!