With vintage fashion and old games, many people want to buy an old -fashioned machine and enjoy a manchot bandit in its own garage. Some people even make a lucrative trade in old -fashioned machines to resell them.

We will see in this article or buy an old -fashioned machine.

Physical stores and flea markets

Antiquaries, flea markets and other vintage stores are the perfect places to find an old -up machine for sale.

To find one, Just go visit your favorite antique dealer And ask him for advice. Often they are aware of what their colleagues have and can help you.

Buy an Sous Machine from an individual

Many classified ads for individuals to individuals offer slot machines to buy. If you read your local newspaper or Look at the classified ads with your traders, you can surely find your happiness.

Be careful every time when you buy an old slot from a particular seller. Always check that the machine is in correct operating condition and inquire about the history of this machine with to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Buy an internet slot machine

Online stores

There are many online stores that offer you to buy vintage slot machines. For example, you will find your happiness on:


These stores offer a choice of vintage machines and you will find your happiness there in addition to taking advantage of the safety of a purchase in store.

The Streamers de Casino made popular the purchase of these machines to under as a decor element.

Angered sites like eBay

Ebay offers a section dedicated to ancient games and Sous Machines. These are places conducive to doing good deals and feeling the auction!