Las Vegas is the dream of any casino player and with the choice, you can quickly be overwhelmed. We even say that we waste any notion of time because There are no clocks in casinos!

There are 144 casino in Las Vegas if we exclude Louie and her taxi which organizes a CRAPS game from 7 to 11 am on Friday. However, the largest casino in the world is not there, it is located in Macao! And other great surprise, The oldest casino in the world Nor is it!

Here is the exact distribution:

Las Vegas Strip61
Boulder Strip42
Downtown Las Vegas24
North Las Vegas17
Name of casinos to Las Vegas - Chiffres Nevada Gaming Commission

This number takes into account only the real establishment recognized as casino by the Nevada Gaming Commission and not the service stations or stores having some machines a sous. In fact, to be considered as casino, there are restrictions on the RTP Machines A Sous where the operation of the algorithm.

In 2021, the Casinos du Strip de Las Vegas generated $ 3.73 billion, a considerable drop compared to the $ 6.5 billion in gaming revenues recorded during each of the previous two years. This is why the casino do not hesitate to offer bonus More and more consistent to try to convince new players to join them.