When you think of spending an evening at the casino with friends you don't necessarily think of asking them what their profession is. However, there are trades prohibited from casino and laws prohibiting certain people from playing in the largest casino in the world. In countries like Belgium out of exemption, notaries are prohibited from casino according to theArticle 54 of the law of May 7, 1999 that stipulates: "Access to the playgrounds of class I and II games of chance games is prohibited for magistrates, notaries, bailiffs and police services outside the exercise of their functions”.

Fortunately in USA and Quebec, the casino restrictions are much less strict and as we have already seen, Playing the casino is perfectly legal in USA & Quebec.

The case of minor people:

The first category of people who cannot play casino in USA are minors. In effect, Casino laws prohibit anyone who is not of age to play the casino.

Besides, this legal obligation is not only reserved for land casino but The best online casino in Quebec This ban must scrupulously respect and verify the identity of the players.

To play you must therefore:

  • Being a major or emancipated
  • Have the documents proving their age

It is also forbidden for a minor to simply go to a casino, even accompanied by an adult.

People prohibited from casino

If you have had a game problem and have been a victim d’addiction au casino You have been able to ban casino.

Online casino and terrestrial casino must check that a player does not have a casino prohibition sheet before giving him the access.

There are different types of casino prohibition that come in the following form:

  • L’auto-exclusion: The ban on the casino comes from the person himself who made a request in order to be excluded from online or terrestrial casino.
  • Exclusion by the casino: If the casino decides that you are persona non grata in his establishment.
  • Exclusion by court decision: Often decided in cases of personal bankruptcy or debts.

Casino therefore have a legal obligation to verify the presence of a potential customer on this list according to the following text of law:

« Casino management must refuse entry into the games room to the persons mentioned in article R. 321-27 of the internal security code. It can also refuse entry to people who have been the subject of a voluntary access limitation with this establishment. »

People with a concern that can generate others

We often think of the casino and his bar. Well, know that if you are in a state of drunkenness appearing, the casino will have all its rights to refuse you the access to the establishment.

Even if you disrupt other customers or if you film people playing without their authorization.

In addition, the police are prohibited from playing if they wear their uniform.

You now know the different people prohibited from casino in USA and if you want to learn more about the world of the casino, we have a series of Myths on the Beginning Casino!